Light In The Dark

A Song to Bring you light out of your darkness.
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So your hearts been shattered
and you think you cant go on
your whole lifes in tattters
and someones done you wrong
Daily things no longer matter
Always darkness Before Dawn
When youve done all youve can but things look bleak
When the world around you is crumbling
Always look up and keep the Faith
That better days are coming
Keep your Head Up and Encourage yourself
Cause You might Be a light for Someone else
The power of love surrounds you
Even though love may confound you
The reason you are here the vision is so clear
You are the LIght in the Dark
You are You are You are
The Light

With love hope and faith
Its never too late
there is a light in the dark
A new day is forming joy comes in the morning
theres a light in the dark

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