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Stormy Stori is a singer and rapper who is always ready and willing to kick it up a notch and ignite her music with the spark that it needs in order to stand out in the competitive world of today’s music. Her sound is very emotional but also filled with groove and soulful vibes. Speaking of which, her most recent single is aptly titled “New Vibes,” and it feels like a perfect introduction to the unique edge of Stormy’s amazing music. The track is smooth and flavorful, yet really energetic and fierce!

Ultimately, this fantastic new release from Stormy Stori stands out as yet another example of her dedicated creativity. The song is a great addition to her growing discography, which is filled with gems that blur the lines between the rhythm of hip-hop and the mellow emotional overtones of some of the very best R&B and Neo-Soul sounds out there.Find out more about Stormy Stori, and check out “New Vibes”, which is now available on some of the best digital streaming platforms.

Stormy Stori

New Music Alert!!

Introducing “Brand New Lease” – A Powerful Anthem for Survivors of Domestic Violence

I am excited to present My latest release, “Brand New Lease,” a profound and inspiring song that tackles the critical issue of domestic violence. This track isn’t just another piece of music; it’s an empowering narrative that offers hope and resilience to those who have experienced domestic abuse.

“Brand New Lease” beautifully captures the journey from trauma to triumph. It delves into the raw emotions associated with domestic violence, but its core message is one of liberation and renewal, akin to getting a ‘brand new lease’ on life. The lyrics tell a story that will resonate with listeners, offering them solace and strength in their darkest times.

This track stands out because it doesn’t just dwell on the pain; instead, it focuses on the courage it takes to break free from the cycle of violence and start anew. Its melody complements this narrative, creating a stirring musical experience that leaves a lasting impact.

In line with our commitment to make a tangible difference, a portion of the proceeds from “Brand New Lease” will be donated to organizations that provide resources and support for survivors of domestic abuse.

We believe that “Brand New Lease” has the potential to bring the issue of domestic violence to the forefront, sparking conversations and challenging the stigma associated with it. We are eager for you to hear this track and join us in spreading this powerful message.


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