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Stormy Stori



Born and Raised in Darlington SC. 

Stormy Stori is a woman of many trades. She is an Artist, Singer, Rapper Song Writer and Actress. She is  Currently in a Stage Play called my Husbands Woman that is currently on tour starring Bruh Man from the Fifth floor off of The TV Show Martin. She is also  a Lead Singer in  Soul Unlimited Band and a Solo Recording Artist . She plays Electric Guitar and love Writing Songs and building websites  in her spare time. She is also a Salon Owner. 


 She has been creating music since 2002 but decided to take it serious and release her first single Just me and You in 2017 It is Currently being licensed in Nigeria. Her Second Single was Down in the Dumps released in 2018. She is currently Working on her Debut Album. 
She writes about Love, Sex, Every Day Life and What ever she feels, there are no bars when it comes to her style. You can compare her to Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill and Tweet. Her Soulful Sound and Sultry Raps will have you Vibing and Bobbing your head to her R&b hip hop Bluesey Tunes.
Stay Tuned In for more from this Songstress.


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