The Real Meaning Of “River” By Eminem ft. Ed Sheeran WILL SHOCK YOU!

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The Real Meaning Of “River” By Eminem (ft. Ed Sheeran)
In this video we go over the lyrics of the song “River” By Eminem (ft. Ed Sheeran) and decode some lyrics that you might have missed! Eminem & Ed Sheeran have never work together on a song and this one was a instant hit all around the world!
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12 Thoughts to “The Real Meaning Of “River” By Eminem ft. Ed Sheeran WILL SHOCK YOU!”

  1. King Trending

    Leave a like and watch to the whole video to win the Iphone 10 Giveaway!
    btw What do you guys think of the song river?

  2. Ricardo Galindo

    Great vid

  3. javro99

    Ed Sheeran performed Criminal in a show, and he also admited that he is a huge eminem fan… this is nothing new

  4. John Ricotta

    and on rap go “so you be thor, and I’ll be odin”

  5. John Ricotta

    Em is a huge comic book nerd

  6. The Fallen King

    He is a comic book fan do the research bud

  7. Marc Thomas

    Ed started as a grime rapper

  8. iAlmostHadIt

    TCousteau <3

  9. Wããvy_Dõm 13

    Gwen Stacey, to spite her man (spiderman)

  10. Junior Espinosa


  11. King Trending

    Do you guys want to see more videos on Eminem be sure to let us know!

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