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From the outer reaches of space to the small-town streets of suburbia, the hunt comes home in Shane Black’s explosive reinvention of the Predator series. Now, the universe’s most lethal hunters are stronger, smarter and deadlier than ever before, having genetically upgraded themselves with DNA from other species. When a young boy accidentally triggers their return to Earth, only a ragtag crew of ex-soldiers and a disgruntled science teacher can prevent the end of the human race.

In Theaters September 14, 2018

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Directed by: Shane Black

Written by: Fred Dekker & Shane Black

Cast: Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, Jacob Tremblay, Keegan-Michael Key, Olivia Munn, Sterling K. Brown, Alfie Allen, Thomas Jane, Augusto Aguilera, Jake Busey, Yvonne Strahovski

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The Predator | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

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1,922 Thoughts to “The Predator | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX”

  1. Luis Maldonado

    Come masters of war!…

  2. Spider Man

    I hope it’s not R rated if so I’ll be so sad

  3. Cpt. Tenneal

    You know I was really glad they’re still using an actor to play the Predator instead of jumping to CGI like the Aliens now but then I saw the even bigger one and I don’t what to think now.

  4. gay mothman

    going to be honest, the first thing that came to mind was chris hansen lol

  5. Javier Vargas

    I want to go to there.

  6. Drake Novy

    Can’t wait to see it .

  7. Blaze Heatnix

    I really was waiting for Arnold at the end..

  8. Camron Perkins

    Looks great

  9. ADR

    Disney’s second favorite slaughter

  10. Anime4 Mii

    LOL I have to go school on that day 😛

  11. Bill Stevens

    Kinda surprised. Not a single reference to Arnold. Good on u

  12. orgywithpigs6

    Well…this trailer was better than the last one

  13. Luthfur 84

    Where’s Chris Hansen at?

  14. reaper Green


  15. Zdeněk Dudešek

    “Come and get us motherf*cker”

  16. A. Ruiz

    Was that a super predator?

  17. Mr. D

    It’s a were-predator!

  18. GritsnBeans

    Waiting for Chris Hansen to pop up ask for the Predator to have a seat.

  19. Joel Fairchild Underwood

    The human protagonists don’t look interesting, everything else is perfect.

  20. N He

    So they engineered a Indominus Predator essentially.

  21. Viktor Mason

    RANGERS lead the way.

  22. SlipS Tiger TV

    I wasn’t expecting hybrid too be in this movie now I wanna see it even more

  23. Jay 27

    I gotta watch this movie, remakes and sequels seems to be good

  24. MankeyGamez

    you know , with all these movies recently it doesnt look like a good end of the year

  25. AngryZombie808

    Get To The Choppa!

  26. Remy Blas

    Olivia Munn? Ok, I’m sold

  27. UltimateLocke

    So is the kid going to have autism like the first draft stated.
    According to the “first draft” the autistic kid is the one who kills the predator.

  28. Savaged

    WHY DO ALL MODERN MOVIES GIVE AWAY SO MUCH OF THE PLOT AND STORY? The most recent Jurassic World movie, for example. I’d rather have just a single teaser trailer.

  29. rottimus prime

    At least this trailer was much better than the previous trailers. Definitely going to be watching this in the theatre on the big screen.

  30. Chyuan Duh

    Is this the Broly arch Dragonball equivalent of Predator story line?

  31. tlessmo

    Not sure if predator or sjw.

  32. Marcus Gatling

    THE Ultimate Predator my boi

  33. Hanz Azazel

    This trailer has a swear.

  34. Matthew Campbell

    A Shane Black Predator movie? Yes please.

  35. Noyan Ozkan

    You guys shouldn’t have spoiled the giant predator!

  36. TheMemeKiller

    Disney now owns this

  37. JITHU G

    Hollywood has run out of any new ideas… Cliche

  38. Daniel Siekris

    WHY SHOW US THERE IS A SUPER PREDATOR? What’s with trailers giving away everything they can? Looks meh. Of course there is a child involved. Can’t forget to have one of those in every one of these movies, now.

  39. Danilo Samuel


  40. KJMz

    lets put this giant predator against the queen alien. pls fox

  41. raik z

    Get ready guys because Disney will ruin this franchise even more after the acquisition of fox

  42. Sour Chez

    This look really bad

  43. Mightywings

    A+ for originality

  44. Hero & Villain Surprises


  45. TaeSoFly1021

    No way

  46. Sean Ferree

    Nice! Looking forward to this one

  47. KingSkyFall24

    Fortnite join lobby Sound 0:37 And 0:57

  48. [Last_Stand]

    So is this about that Predator blood feud they got goin on? Like I remember from one of the Predator movies there’s the average Predator and the more Alpha versions of the Predators that are much bigger and taller.

  49. Rai Jo

    I saw someone who looked like this

  50. Kevin H

    Actually looks pretty good. One complaint. It’s needs a massive body builder with baby oil! I want proper 80’s campy musclely, overly gory action movies back!

  51. Original Name

    Soooo nobody is gonna talk about the hilarious joke @ 0:59?

  52. king persia

    please don’t be worse than alien covenant

  53. Edward Talley

    I get the feeling that Keegan-Micheal Key won a bet for getting cast in this film. Can’t wait for the behind the scenes extras.

  54. repDE420


  55. Winter Crow Man

    Thank god no aliens tho

  56. RubyredGt 81

    Kill me…I’m right here…kill me. (Arnold voice).

  57. Jr Ramos

    Can’t wait for the crossover for alien vs predator gonna be sick 🔥🔥🔥🔥 especially how the aliens have evolve.

  58. JGuilherme

    Did I just saw the whole movie?!

  59. Secret Bangtan Fan


  60. Mila Txo

    father of killmonger

  61. GtotheRANT36

    Oh my God, now we have a common enemy, we have to work together.

  62. Manuel Gronewold

    im worried….

  63. Michael Vincent

    Thanks for showing us the entire movie

  64. Awsom Sauce TV

    Whatever happened to that alien predator hybrid? So no one wants to see that inaction? (Sarcasm intended here)

  65. Frogboy64

    I can’t believe this movie realizes on my birthday

    YAY 😀

  66. Raidescence

    Looks incredible

  67. bro code

    Rated E for everyone

  68. King Satan

    Can i get a cookie now??

  69. W0LVES channel

    🔴 *The Predator | 2018 FULL HD* ☛ [ ]
    Unglaublicher film! Sehr zu empfehlen, es auszuprobieren!

    #SupportThePredator 💪

  70. Black Needle

    Im ready

  71. Skull Candy

    It would be so dope be if they brang back the Alien-Predator hybrid from the first movie. Like if you agree

  72. Claude Dowie

    I’m looking any excuse to go to the movie so keep the shows coming

  73. Javier Coellar

    This movie was a rip off of Peter Griffins where Jaws teamed up with the humans to defeat bigger jaws

  74. PaperCrawler

    Ah good ol childhood memories..

  75. Jen O

    Team Alien lol

  76. ░KenLinx░

    Wtf Key is in this? Now you know you can’t take this movie seriously.

  77. Caliluv

    Oh come on!!! Can’t Hollywood come up with one original idea?

  78. Quadgamer 07

    Bunch of slack-jawed faggots around here. This stuff will make you a goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus, just like me.

  79. M ROF BOT

    “Over Here” 🦂

  80. jed Tomczat

    Looks like ton solid action, actually looks like a lot of fun

  81. Wolverine508

    Forget that superpredator look at how this lady’s eyes blink 2:05

  82. Magdalena Campos

    Yes!!! Love me some predator movies

  83. Volgax364

    We don’t need super predators

  84. matt bertwistle

    Only way to survive “get to da chopperrr”

  85. ThatOneYouTubeChannel

    We need another FT13th

  86. The dreamer

    This Master Piece is Finally here.

  87. Informativ

    Why does every movie trailer have a clip of soldiers with flashlights walking at 2 FPS? 0:10

  88. Jon Ross

    They showed the predator way too much. I’m excited for another predator but that is a bad sign. Hope I’m wrong!

  89. nickred7701

    So is this predator vs predator?

  90. Maul Maulplier

    literally saw the whole fucken movie in this trailer

  91. aglex 64

    Madre mia ahora el agent murphy tiene que lidiar con terrrorismo espacial en vez de drogas :v

  92. comixgod50

    I’m a big fan of predator. Ever since I was too young to watch it.

    But I wish they change up the formula, here’s my pitch:

    What if… a Predator was a recurring character? Not a different predator that always loses, but a Predator that always wins..

    Now before you go and write this off as stupid, think of Jason. Jason from the Friday the 13th films always comes back, and kills almost all the teens. He’s essentially the main character since no one likes the teens. And that franchise was super successful.

    So instead of highly advanced aliens who dedicate their lives to literally hunting aliens getting killed by any human… (danny glover.. im looking at you) make a recurring badass Predator who is tenacious as any hero. And find extremely creative ways for him to win. With maybe 1 or 2 survivors.

  93. Wolverine508

    1:44 the sign…lmao

  94. MrSirlulzalot

    Looks terrible.

  95. Best Fortnite Moments

    Me watching trailer in beginning: Alright it looks like a decent movie to just chill and eat popcorn
    Me halfway through: Ok wow they’re telling me a BIT too much info
    Me after finishing the trailer: I know 90% of the plot and the main character has a shitty one-liner got it.

  96. Leatherface

    when can we get another Alien movie?

  97. Josh Nesa

    Bet Arnold has a cameo. Looks sick!
    +Miniguns plz.

  98. Wolverine508

    Slow down by .25x speed (1:15) they used a dummy to fall down the stairs…

    That’s how you know they have low budget and still haven’t properly edited the footage yet. But hey, still hyped.

  99. manansis86

    Boy they just gave the movie away. Lol

  100. RaDicAL808

    Insubordinate.. and churlish! You done messed up A.A.Ron

  101. Andi Ros

    I’ve noticed people have mentioned zenomorphs stowing away. I think it would be be pretty awesome if Royce had some how made it back and he shows back up. Just my personal preference though

  102. magickalmermaid

    Fox is Dumb! They Should Have Gave This To The Rock or Vin Diesel!

  103. Soraya Esfandiary

    This is a joke, right?

  104. Tawnwe Fisto

    Ho Hum. Another remake.

  105. Marcos Nery

    two days before my birthday and a better trailer. Ok Fox, I’ll give it a try.

  106. Justin Y.

    Cinematic universe confirmed?

  107. toonamioncrack

    I ain’t got time to bleed.
    Or see this shitty looking movie.

  108. João Ribeiro

    keegan cocking again looks more badass than I expected.

  109. Linda Beatriz Morin

    0:59 *TRIGGERED*


    I just have one question

    Will someone yell get to the choppa
    That’s my main question

  111. boogeyman811

    I wish they wouldn’t have shown the superpredator in this trailer. let it be a shock in theaters smh

  112. Tasty Sidewalk

    who else is really mad at trailers for giving away too much of the movie?

  113. James Vereen



    This looks like it’ll be good.

  115. mannie the dog

    Btw are there 2 of them fighting against each other or together

  116. Red Elastic 98

    Looks good my homies!

  117. mannie the dog

    So there’s 2 of them

    Me: honey pass me my alien gun

    If you know what movie reference that is your awsome

  118. Mr. Green

    So it’s like a T-800 vs. T-1000 and the T-800 wins at the end. O and predator’s can’t drive worth a crap, they crash in every movie…

  119. awsome gameing234

    Come on you could of warned me about 1:00 because I was playing out loud and my whole family was in the living room and they where like what you watchen


    This looks pretty good. Glad the Predators get more development than just “they like to hunt”.

  121. OmgThatAnime

    Get to the chopppppppppeeerrrrr!!!! XD

  122. Mr. Foam

    Well made a day off for the 14

  123. Paige Nicholoy

    He doesn’t look as good as the old predator

  124. Mzrdecai

    Why can’t we get a veteran predator… Like a multiple scars on it’s face to represent all its confirmed kills? A veteran wouldn’t stand for a bad blood hunting on its territory… That’d be a good fight.

  125. It Came from the Sky

    That. Was awesome.

  126. The True Yeet

    I hear Despacito

  127. Umbral Dragon

    Wow that almost looks like the Darkblood clan gear…

  128. Yoda


  129. DJ M.I.A.

    My Favorite franchise is back

  130. Раиль Шакиров

    whoa! a Rengar movie!

  131. stuff4ever

    Well, I saw a chopper.. This may not be a total flow them.

  132. chicken Jack bros

    Go get to the chopper

  133. Umbral Dragon

    So am I the only one hoping one of the yautja win?

  134. EPM 101

    Not nearly as bad as the first trailer.

  135. iBingu


  136. Dayib DJK

    1:00 funniest part ever😅😅😄

  137. PeronaxZ -

    I want to watch this

  138. TheBlackHoleoftheInternet

    *Despacito 300 looks AMAZING*

  139. TheCountofJs


  140. Antonio Botello

    Looks good….so far.

  141. Julio Valdez

    Hunter predators are back

  142. yaahurrr

    Why don’t the just trap it and place 2 traps??

  143. RottedDollFace

    I have always loved the Predator…

  144. ANI MEMES

    Hes back and nobody cheeks safe

  145. Default Dave

    Where is alien predator

  146. Evil Greg

    Looks like Randal is going to have a hell of an arch in the new season of This Is Us.

  147. Senator Grape

    “The” Predator: featuring two predators. Makes sense.

  148. Gaming Casualties

    i saw a predator at a playground

  149. The Rage

    omg it’s aliens part 2 yay

  150. Chewy the Chiwawa

    Dj kahled.. another one..

  151. Jayden Farmer

    I’m only gonna watch because of Key

  152. anasim

    Why are the Predators out and visible in the open? They were stealthy hunters/killers in the original.

  153. Pen S.

    I don’t think this looks that good

  154. Chronicle studios


  155. Nerp

    goddamn it did I actually just laugh at a your mom joke? this movie looks interesting but I’m a bit skeptical, maybe that’s just the nostalgia from the first predator that makes me be that

  156. Sven

    they lost me at superpredator

  157. marinescu0511

    If this isn’t rated R then i won’t even bother

  158. Cherry Vex

    “If it bleed, we can kill it”

  159. Marasma101

    Oh God this looks bad.

  160. It's Kami and Tony

    After this trailer I’m in!!!!

  161. AL FG

    1:36 the hunters have become………….1:40 the hunted!

  162. SUSPENSO 33

    alguien de latinoamerica???

  163. Jordan Lutz

    Cool you showed me the whole movie. Now I don’t have to leave to go see it. Thanks FOX.

  164. Christopher C

    Shane Black is involved… I’m convinced.

  165. Flabby Douglas

    Why does the predator have dreads?

  166. Stoner Happy420

    They need to acutely go off the other fuckn movie I wanna know about the big predator race

  167. Freddie Hoff


  168. Melito T

    Why does Hollywood remake the same movie over and over and over?

  169. Disney Kid

    We need the space force

  170. Kevin Coastline

    I hope there’s a lot of gore in it.

  171. Stoner Happy420

    This is trash lmfao

  172. Luis Domacena

    0:58 I’m gonna go to hell for laughing

  173. Burning Oyster

    Fek yes

  174. Dank Memes


  175. Hidden_Fury34

    Not gonna lie this looks dope asf. Hella hyped for opening day

  176. imAfudgingSavage !

    Oh 40 years later they wanna make a nother 👏🏼

  177. Fiflaq21

    Those trailer are showing way to much, it would be so awesome to see that big predator for the first time on screen and not in the trailer.

  178. iCroissant

    okay i like shane black, but remember to release some original movies once in awhile.

  179. Tahmas Kenchers

    Trailer was going great then saw key, then he made a horrible joke. dislike. Sorry it took all the wind out of the whole trailer

  180. Mark NiEls

    46 on Metacritic, 63% on rotten tomatoes

  181. ATiliOS cheapsounds

    This is pathetic

  182. gallaghim

    I can’t help feeling the whole plot has been given away in this trailer. Do we have to avoid trailers altogether from now on?..

  183. knight of the blood oath Aaron

    This better be rated R

  184. yun chang

    I feel like ghost recon wildland again

  185. WiLL

    B O X O F F I C E F L O P

  186. Spider Man

    Soooo predator concrete jungle but in the modern day. Ok?

  187. Thomas Chambers


  188. Thomas Langdon

    This looks like a cgi mess

  189. Ajila Waya

    You’re all still ugly mother fuckers

  190. Rice Cracker Central

    All this trailer needs is a goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus

  191. JohnixHD


  192. Raw Step

    Black panther vibe

  193. Justin Serrette

    So the Predators discovered steroids great just great.

  194. Shadow_AquilaX

    aww man… a super Yautja?! c’mon the yautja have so much lore they could have come up with something better…

  195. chewface

    This should have been the first trailer they released. That stupid one with the kid playing with the toy ship was very misleading when it came to the tone of the movie. This one makes me feel much better about it. It might actually be decent.

  196. Ryan Sumayo

    Predator stuff is cool but human characters are garbage

  197. Proudly Melanated

    Showing way too much of the movie

  198. thetruth the truth

    Dam it… it looks better now the last trailer it looked like 💩.

  199. Samuel Steadman

    When does the Terminator come out?

  200. 99 Overall Comment Creator

    new predator >>>>>> old head predator

  201. Rene Avalos

    This better be good I have high expectations

  202. Zoltan Gyongyossy

    Whoever made this trailer should be fired, they spoiled the entire movie’s plot.

  203. Anastasia Fine

    To the 1% of you that see this comment I hope your biggest dream comes true. Anything is possible you just have to set your mind to it! 💪 My dream is to hit 10k ☺️ have a lovely day. 💕

  204. fred ribbon

    so the plot is that the predator fucks a woman and now is coming for his son?

  205. mdyiya

    Please don’t kill Keegan-Michael Key.

  206. Javi i

    Top 10 supervillains more powerful than Thanos.

  207. Prophesorr

    Not going to see it. Make something new.


    This movie better be rated R.

  209. Zoltan Gyongyossy

    You spoiled the entire movie.

  210. Eagle Eye

    They should better GET TO DA CHOPPA!!!

  211. Yoloswagpro Bro

    Reminds me of key and peel

  212. Noan Manji

    For reals? same schtick of the last movie? generic cast and bigger predator? The comics had a samurai eating predator flesh and becoming immortal to wait and kill the next one, a human girl being captured and trained AS a predator, not to mention vs tarzan or vs batman etc. All sound kinda crazy and shitty in movie form but at least its unique, c´mon man

  213. xXDamien69Xx HD


  214. Tasha G

    I’m a true predator fan, but idk about this remake….😕😔

  215. GIT GUD

    From the director on iron man 3? Oh boy well I’m not gonna have high expectations

  216. Brotherhood Knight

    I’m gonna have me some fun…..IM GONNA HAVE ME SOME FUN

  217. lance allison

    Ooh! Let’s hope that as in the original Arnie one the hero outruns a nuclear explosion cos everyone can do that of course *sighs*.

  218. GGTQ

    I love when didn’t bleep out the motherfucker part, it’s shows that this movie is going to have balls to show that

  219. Cheyenne Galliac

    Hype! This looks awesome!

  220. Quentin Reyes

    Yo this movie is going to be lit and I mean off the charts

  221. greato80

    Nothin interesting..worse having that guy from key n peele as a soldier guy.

  222. Anthony Dibble

    I hope this is my dream Predator. Much like the Aliens have their Drones, Praetorians and Queens. This would be the Praetorian version of the Predators, or the “Elite Guard.” A.k.a. Praedator!
    Please oh please oh please!!!!

  223. Jeremy Chua

    Drop your weapons

  224. Isaiah Gideon


  225. The American Soccer Guy


  226. The Blaire Wolf

    I like to give movies a chance, but to me it looks bad. You can like it! But it just doesn’t look that good

  227. killerzombie2171

    That evolved predator…became a even more ugly motherfucker

  228. Emperor E18930

    Why are they repeating the exact same Predator scream sound effect at least 4 times in this trailer?

  229. Deathstroke Gaming

    Anyone know what that other thing on the thumbnail of the video was?

  230. Kanglar

    If it bleeds, we can kill it.

  231. thetruth916 Owanda

    No Arnold no predator No Arnold no predator No Arnold no predator No Arnold no predator No Arnold no predator No Arnold no predator

  232. Nat1ve Music

    Olivia Munn naked? Adding to watchlist now!

  233. Joseph

    But what happened to the characters in Predators (2010)?

  234. noah uchiha

    // trump censured movie today fck

  235. Claire Knight

    Creative title adding “The”

  236. Shear

    This trailer is so confusing. This movie will flop.

  237. Extreme Ethan

    It better have an Arnold cameo

  238. bart tehe

    they’ll never stop butchering old classics NEVER.

  239. Vlad Vale

    Goddamn I was expecting a lame toned down PG-13 movie. Sorry for ever doubting you Shane Black!!
    Next, Venom. Same treatment please.

  240. bafoonkaiser

    Lucyfur not hidden in plain site! 🐲🐐

  241. Brandon Rodriguez

    I’m not a Predator type of guys(considering that i haven’t watched any movies of him) but this is actually kind of awesome,i would watch it.

  242. nos llew-blaidd


  243. Infinite Guy

    (Comes and get us motherfuker) the worst line ever

  244. Notoriously Funny

    Prince n’jobu

  245. conrsb

    We wuz huntin Alienz n sheet

  246. Michael Strathmore

    That looks… pretty terrible.

  247. Homepros NYC

    Look like another flop. Nothing like the original

  248. Matthew Mesmer

    This looks good. Thank god this looks good

  249. ziljin

    Looks amazing! Can’t wait for the Disney Alien vs Predator Cinematic Universe!

  250. The NerdyDude

    Arnold Schwarzenegger better be in this

  251. Mana-Ramp-Matoran

    Goddamnit, another trailer that gives away the best part of the film. UGH

  252. VelocityRaptor

    I was actually pleased with the last trailer, but this is WAYYY better.

  253. Calamity Cake


  254. Morgan Collins

    That roast on his mom tho

  255. Model Workouts


  256. Kellan Meza


  257. Milfchew Flop


  258. Ethann Kyle

    Looks lame so far

  259. Jonathan Asiedu

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  260. Kevin

    Last time I watched predators was when I was a little kid, so can someone explain why those two predators were fighting?

  261. Neutral Artist

    Not bad shane!

  262. Alex V-i-P

    Ehh?? I thought the new one was called predators and was set on their planet showing their history and how they lived? In so angry this is lame the directors need shooting with three lasers as to not miss.

  263. finesse laflare

    I hope we get a lot of good fight scenes with Predators pleaseeee!

  264. YoBoyAdrian

    Missed opportunity to make that “Super Predator” a Predalien but whatever, still looks sick

  265. GregoryQ Gamer

    so going to watch this movie

  266. Neurotyczny Kot

    this is bad… gonna be the flop but hollywood never learns

  267. crazykev176

    This trailer just ruined the surprise of the film…… Why would I wanna watch this now?

  268. Syke Throne

    ala chingada!🇲🇽🥀💜💜 Don Omar what’s up fool!😂😎

  269. Angel CHAPPiE Rocha

    It’s totally a red band trailer 👍😎

  270. Cameron W

    Arnold Schwarzenegger should have a cameo in this

  271. Brolly5

    Looks pretty good. But I am not crazy about this whole giant upgrade Predator crap

  272. Jose Garcia

    Another great movie franchise ruined I can feeeel it. 😭

  273. TwerkfestLive Jayestate


  274. Zaman Fahim Imteaz


  275. Mateo vazquez

    Dafuq?? So we have predators that hunt other predators now?? That makes this a free for all. I love free for all films.

  276. Yung Jeezy

    Woah they release whole entire movies in bite size 2:29 min length?! Rad.

  277. Fort_ Legend

    I’m curious so there are two predators facing off get the popcorn ready

  278. Jackson Compton


  279. STFU Idiot

    THat mofo just grabbed him and yanked him out that building, im done.

  280. Pagore


  281. steve119md


  282. Kermit of Rivia

    Another reboot!? Hell, can we at least get a Back To The Future reboot?

  283. masamune2984

    Read the trailer description in the description box, and try not to laugh out loud….terrible lol. You’re welcome.

  284. Tigray

    Pretty high up on the the list of “Movies that don’t need a reboot because the original was fine, but it will inevitably happen because it’s an easy cash grab and OOOOOOHHHHH 80’s nostalgia!”

  285. hchoe741

    preddy been juicin

  286. MechaMache

    It looks fun but nothing will top the original

  287. Michael916Velasquez

    This is so much better than the first trailer

  288. Estevan Garcia

    He’s back motherfuckers!

  289. masamune2984

    Man…I hope this film turns out better than these trailers, but after the very disappointing teaser and first official trailer, they really needed this trailer to sell this movie, and maaaan….no thanks. I know you can’t fully judge a film by its trailers, but…Shane Black, what happened man?

  290. Jamareai Horton

    Old vs New who will win

  291. Anonymous

    R they competing with “Alien”?

  292. Sierra Hutchinson

    Hyped for it to come out!

  293. Sam Easter

    please be better than Requiem. I believe in you Shane Black…….

  294. Jamareai Horton

    Lot af

  295. Nauj 1017

    And to think people were already making assumptions that this was going to flop and that this and that was going to be a bad movie,but i never doubted it and still dont,for all we know it actually flops, but as a true predator fan i could care less yo

  296. Jim Bob

    Why is this trending? This looks like absolute dogshit.

  297. Rigoberto Lopez Mateo

    Wakanda forever!
    I mean…
    Predator forever!

  298. 1peruvianguy

    plot twist: arnold is the super predator

  299. E S

    Wait so did they create that one

  300. ted Lopez

    E for everyone 😂😂😂😂

  301. Biscotti

    they showed too much…

  302. The Platinum Tugboat

    Olivia Munn ruins all the movies I’m interested in.
    Can she just like.. Stop?

  303. Bubba Gump37

    Looks really good, but film producers are sooooo out of ideas. 😂😂

  304. ninjafukwan7

    thanks 20th Century FOX… For the ultimate PREDATOR spoiler !!! your desire to put butts in those seats forced you to reveal what would have been a nice plot twist in a world where Movie are getting un-imaginative.
    You basically showed the entire plot of the movie and how it’s gonna play out…The original PREDATOR joining forces with the humans…you know making him friendly. I was ready to see this movie just for the actor and of course …the PREDATOR there was no need for the reveal of the Ultimate PREDATOR.

    I guess my fault for watching the video and your bad loosing my $15 dollars.

  305. Kraddaku

    Um isn’t their thing to be stealth assassins not “Hey look at me. I’m Mr. Meeseeks!”

  306. Elrougue1847 Bruh

    I thought this was about 6ix9ine

  307. vTR*

    No Jungle, no schwarzenegger… no way

  308. Leroy Stevens

    Still amazed that humans dont have laser shooting guns

  309. cooper green

    This looks good that are showing trailer to fast

  310. Ardent Dfender


  311. james bony

    I ain’t got time to bleed!

  312. Karlsson

    Way better than the previous trailers. Actually sparked my interest again

  313. ChefBoiDZ

    If You Read This 1:00

  314. NissaAnimist

    Well they did something really good. They confused the hell out of me with this trailer so that when I actually
    watch the movie I will enjoy understanding it 😀

  315. Cole Tanner

    Remake remake remake Predator llXVll. This us all Hollywood knows.

  316. Monstress Surban

    Who else felt the trailer was long Af

  317. Josh Caballero

    Is it just me or does this look completely fan-made?

  318. C. Wizzle

    They should have saved the reveal of the evolved predator.

  319. Ryan M

    Looks like garbage

  320. ZeVio74

    BROS, TOO MUCH PREDATOR, leave that for the movie

  321. silv3r7

    more remakes

  322. Jobe Smith

    This looks so f*cking good!!!

  323. Quester91

    Looks very cool

  324. Jay Koops

    Wow #2 trending and not even Red Banned! And to think Disney now owns this!

  325. the white teletubby

    *E+ for everyone*

  326. jk Simmons a

    Finally the trailer is trending so it cant get views and get peoples attention its been out for 10 hours and it has half a million common now its trending so more people are going to watch it

  327. Poon Hunter Since 83


  328. Saiyajin Luke

    Is Justin Y here I wonder

  329. Merci Official


  330. SeanDaNerd

    What if the predators we’ve seen are just private hunters rather than soldiers? Like the rednecks of the predator species?

  331. ChickenBuster

    Can I get a uhhh s o f t r e b o o t

  332. Joel Suazo

    Better than that first shitty teaser/ trailer

  333. Aziere Overwatch

    Why don’t we learn about THESE types of predators in school?

  334. CGF movies

    We’ll reveal everything why don’t ya then! >:/

  335. drummachine77

    The new variation for predator in Mortal Kombat X looks pretty sick…

  336. A J

    Looks over the top

  337. El Mantishrimp

    I wasn’t interested in this movie until I saw that Shane Black was directing

  338. Michael Ross

    Another Predator movie, that’s original!

    Well done original screenplay writers. Excelling once again 🐏

  339. Nyc Bible

    Where is predator vs batman?

  340. Goofy Flan

    Gonna tell Aunt Mary about Uncle John
    He claim he got the misery but he’s havin’ lots of fun, oh baby
    Yea-a-ah, baby
    Ooh, ooh, ooh, baby
    Havin’ me some fun tonight

    Well, long tall Sally she’s built for speed
    She got everything that uncle John need, oh baby
    Yea-a-ah, baby
    Ooh, ooh, ooh, baby
    Havin’ me some fun tonight

  341. Ethan Swaffer

    Kitty titty

  342. talentedmangina

    So dumb. Everyone knows the ultimate predator is a jaguar with a 50 cal rifle.

  343. Nico Yazawa

    Looks like Pierce has something to hunt, other than mutants.

  344. Jason Ross


  345. Daniel Pineda


  346. xxthehuskycaboosexx

    Had my doubts, but I’m sold

  347. gavinresendiz

    anyone thinks this looks stupid af?

  348. 1scorp1

    This movie is going to be r rated

  349. david williams

    It just came alive and took him ….

  350. Simon Tyson

    0:58 that roast though

  351. ARC-77 Fordo

    I have no idea what the hell is happening! Yet, I still want to see this movie.

  352. Im Joeba

    i got aids jennie

  353. Johnnie Guilbert

    This looks stupidly good i’m stoked!

  354. Im Joeba


  355. Marc White

    Anyone who is tired of rehashes say boo

  356. Fresh PoLo Of LA

    Yooo build the hype…you showed all the characters already (maybe)

  357. TheGameKeeper94

    They shouldve let this super Predator be a surprise. But I can understand why they show it now, its the first new Predator film in a while, its not a sequel to Predators(which was pretty good), and it seems to ignore that but not the first 2 movies, so it has to give a first good impression, and two Predators running around on Earth, fighting each other, is a hell of a good first impression.

    Also, since Fox accepted Disney’s bid, its just a matter of time before Disney buys the Alien franchise, and we get badass AvP movies. Oh wait, Fox owned the Alien franchise too. Nevermind.

  358. Lennie Binale

    Hyped to hell and back. I’m watching this with my mom and family.

  359. PanVids

    Plot twist:

    Arnold Is a Predator

    Wouldn’t that be cool

  360. Atari

    Looks like a waste of time and money, count me out.

  361. Jody Shirley

    that one predator was bigger than the other one that got jerked thru the window

  362. Planet-A

    Plata O Plomo?

  363. Daylon Reyes

    1:40 thot that was the queen alien came back to life

  364. Daniel Goldstein

    I’m sorry, but where is Arnold?

  365. Hugo Maravilla Ortiz

    better be good…

  366. happosai27

    that looks pretty awesome

  367. Bin Ting

    So many fools judging the movie by its trailer. So pitiful. Pity the fool. Pityfool.

  368. Primus Knight

    Another CGI diarrhea filled slideshow with shitty jokes to entertain the popcorn drooling idiots who clap at every reference they see on the screen.

  369. Mohamad Abdullah

    its scout predator canot be hunter and if scout predator try to hunt its will be perish front him .. .

  370. Forenzyx

    Now I gotta rewatch the old one

  371. Jergus Spodniak

    Looks like a schlock

  372. White Pnter

    My childhood returns

  373. Cody Pennell

    Olivia Munn can get the long stroke 😍 I’m tryna rip her shits

  374. VandalHeart383

    This was a way better trailer than the last.

  375. Kent Donaldson

    I’m gonna be having some fun.

  376. Stephen Hooks

    I hope this means we’ll get another AVP soon 😁

  377. Banana Man

    If anyone was gonna direct this,Shane black is the man.

  378. Marvin Johnson

    This looks stupid

  379. Fernando Chiqui


  380. StopBuzz RPGS

    2 Huh, neat. (Like if you know the reference)

  381. Fortune Owens

    Well, I guess I don’t need to see the movie now, well done Fox.

  382. Majesty D

    stupid… predators would not evolve themselves in that way… so dumb!!!

  383. Jibril Hassan

    Please get Arnold Schwarzenegger back

  384. Gahdzilluh

    so.. anyone else use that your mom joke in 1st grade? wtf is this

  385. whoflung dung

    Stick around

  386. Travis Hammer

    Why? why do they need to put a super predator in it? They already did this in Predators and imo it was the stupidest part. Predator is badasd enough.

  387. ben

    Rated E for everyone

  388. Gerald Holley

    Gotta get to the choppa gotta find my lunch

  389. MatchesMalone

    Great trailer but i think it should have been shorter. I feel it gave away the first encounter with the new predator idk

  390. Orange Bar

    Apex predator mean girls

  391. Leo Brown TV

    They giving The Predator some HGH lol

  392. Andres Ra

    A mi me gustaba en el que estaban schwarzneger , apolo creed xD 😂,el de los lentesitos, etc etc, era como mi version antigua de avengers.

  393. Brown Boi

    I’m so hyped

  394. Brotastic19

    Not gonna lie, this looks promising.

  395. Awais Muhamdien

    That’s what
    I’m waiting for

  396. J Reacts

    I likes this🔥.
    Subscribe to my channel💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  397. Anthony Williams

    “Get the strap!”

  398. Andrew Hall

    Thank you for releasing a version that wasn’t edited by someone on 5823mg of caffeine


    “You’re One Ugly Motherfucker!”

  400. Arnold Strong Numero Uno

    Really Hollywood?! Every movie is a reboot or sequel. I love the original.

  401. Zaynoun Sunna'a

    Mmm why Arnold not in this one ?

  402. CKU box

    Wtf two predators… So cool

  403. Daniel Johnson

    Oh wow this looks bad

  404. Wealthbuilderz TV

    I can’t wait for this!! Predator was one of the best scary Alien movies ever and this one looks to live up to the hype

  405. bsmi1361

    Looks way better then that teaser they put out first.

  406. Rob Todd

    Looks good and Predator woar in dolby atmos surround sound

  407. Lord Commander Dante

    I hope Arnold Schwarzenegger makes a cameo as Dutch.

  408. Benjamin Howard

    Doesn’t look very good but î think it could be just because Shane Black is the director

  409. Stingy McDuck

    Please don’t make the humans team up with the regular Predator against the bigger one. The Predators need to remain as villains.

  410. Aaron Lemus

    Video game joke lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  411. HeyItsSam

    Not gonna lie, some of the CGI is this trailer looked pretty bad… I feel like they could’ve done a lot better.

  412. dyan wells


  413. Starving Boy In Africa

    Meh this will do. Not best fap

  414. Benjelloun Solaimane

    From chasing Pablo Escobar , to chasing predators

  415. Pastor Casket

    So happy The Rock isn’t in this one.

  416. Princess Leia

    I wonder if it will be good….

  417. Cyanide

    For some reason i feel this movie will blue ball us like the godzilla remake

  418. Plushh Masterr67

    Yeaa Babbyyyyy

  419. zanekiller109

    Black panther font

  420. Tyler Lopez

    movie looks better but the humor looks so forcee just stop

  421. Michael Bogdanowicz

    This trailer lacks significant Body Mass compared to the original

  422. Mike Jones

    Lol’d when Key showed up with that goofy face, thought it was a skit. So out of place but funny

  423. EvilShake101

    I’m sorry but this looks so bad

  424. Collinney Condrey Hardnick

    “You’re one ugly matherfucker” – Predator 1987

  425. Do It Like Will

    Shane Black directed my favorite movie, The Nice Guys. I have faith in him.

  426. Epok97

    So they we’re like,
    “ok reboot time. How do we make it scarier?”
    Guy in the corner raises his arm,
    “We make it bigger?”
    “Anyone else?”
    “No? Ok make it bigger.”

  427. Wendy Ciapsa

    Que 6 km
    L L?

  428. Carl Mathes

    looks sick!

  429. Gabriel den Ouden

    Don’t let your 13yr watch it

  430. DecarabiaSatanachia

    Rated E motherfuckers!

  431. Noah King

    Rated E for everyone ha!!

  432. Franklin ulario

    Where is Arnold Schwarzenegger at?

  433. Dre Cristo

    “THAT Olivia Munn is one hot piece of ACE..I know from experience dude you know what I mean?”

  434. Madasyn Harrison

    Bruh ofc the guy from Key and Peele had to make me laugh 😂 I can’t take the trailer serious enough because of him

  435. Eder Barboza

    Nossa, que sexo grande.

  436. Michael P


  437. ondusidaja

    Is this the new Jurassic Park ?

  438. Sertan Şahin

    Thanks for the whole movie motherfuckers -.-

  439. Miguel Santiago

    .o. my childhood film

  440. The Haw Channel


  441. Pedro Garcia

    I hate scary movies but I look foward to seeing this. It looks even better than Alien vs Predator

  442. Rapscallion

    E FOR EVERYONE!? Hhahahahahahahahahaha loloollollakalagagagagag

  443. Hemish Joseph

    Did I just watch the whole movie ?

  444. Anthony Garcia


  445. richtaco

    Ok. That new trailer was pretty dope. I’m in.

  446. MxYogERTS

    Keagen Micheal Key(key and peele), Sterling K. Brown(people v. oj simpson) and Trevante Rhodes(moonlight)? Count me in

  447. Monks Den

    Ultimate Predator takes off helmet and it’s Arnold!!! That would be sick!

  448. Dino Goodley

    I wish they wouldn’t show the predator’s face. Just ruins the mystery of what they look like

  449. TheGodFather

    Apex is the top of all…

  450. George

    0:42 Billy’s laugh!!!!!

  451. Romans One16

    You want to make a good predator movie? Cast the rock or v diesel as the dutch replacement and everyone will go see it.

  452. Chandler Kristoff

    Predator should team up with Venom, they would be unstoppable

  453. Sako Mai Nippo

    0:55 Theon Greyjoy

  454. uniform1313

    Can we let the Predators kill all the SJW’s in this movie before we stop them please…I want to see a blue haired skull and spine being held up high in the moonlit trees.

  455. Jake Stoneking

    Oh look at that, everything cool about the movie in a convenient three minute spoilerific package… (>_<)

  456. Jason Freddy

    I hope we get to see the predator ship in action taking on us helicopters, jets and navy.

  457. Jesse Cota

    if Thomas Jane is in this movie how come there’s no scene of him?

  458. FirstName LastName

    There just needs to be a full on Predator invasion. No one 1s and 2s with them. BRING IT ON!

  459. Dina Zikopoulos

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 👾

  460. marked3life

    Cringy af.

  461. Justin Greed

    This s*** looks stupid like every one of the last Predators except avp1 and of course the classics part 1 and part 2. Part 2 was the best IMO

  462. Mixz

    Oooh this looks good

  463. Hammad Suriya

    What killmongers daddy doing here

  464. BOSS LADY

    E for Everyone…..😂

  465. Mr Met Iche


  466. Tom Le

    So many spoilers, they could have hyped us up with predator vs men and then surprised us with ultimate predator twist

  467. MrTeucro99

    THE HULK PREDATOR, i dont know its so stupid is cool or is just stupid.

  468. Medusa's Son

    Hell yeah!!! Super Predator!!!

  469. Steven Rocks

    This trailer basically showed the whole movie 🙄😂


    Muito Bom ,Português Brasil

  471. Shane Potter

    Not gonna lie.. this looks like the best Predator yet.. Hope it delivers as I’ve always loved the concept.

  472. Johny40Se7en

    Another film I really can’t wait for. A very different tone and overall feel to the classic 2 and Predators but I’m definitely gonna give it a chance.

  473. Free Music Download - No Copyright Songs

    Who’s a true Predator fan??

  474. James Tuozzo

    Pathetic!!! Ruined the franchise.

  475. Joe

    Bunch of slack jawed faggots around here


    I can’t wait to see this

  477. Leovalenz

    Good year for movies

  478. kai

    This reminded me of Ghost Recon Wildlands when they added the Predator 😆

  479. Austin Powers

    Kinda hope they give Arnold a cameo or a role. They have an opportunity to bring in Arnold and they should.

  480. melvin rosales

    Trending didnt c dat coming

  481. sumeahs king

    I’d like to see a predator vs an engineer from Prometheus.

  482. majin anti

    Rated E for Everyone 😀

  483. Håkon Håkon


  484. Penguin Fluffy

    This looks fuckin awesome

  485. Babidi

    i feel like predator was already badass enough without making him giant and throwing the word ultimate before his name.

  486. Atheist Lego

    This might be better than any drama edgy movie coming this year or the next few years(the hate you give to be exact)

  487. Masterxl MVs

    Before I watch: is the entire movie shown in these 2-and-a-half minutes?

  488. Shonok Rohan

    probably i’m the only one who’s wondering what is that kid doing in this scenario !! and Arnold better have a cameo in this

  489. The Matt


  490. Andrew Kelly

    Hell no their team doesn’t pose a threat, they’ve got a cockless coward.

  491. Miami Hurricanes

    I wish they would make a movie where we humans took it to them especially after we got technology in predator req

  492. anthony

    Predator killed predator

  493. Ghostriderxll49

    Rated E for everyone… lol 🤣

  494. Alejandro V

    Looking good!

  495. Vegeta

    Kakarot 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  496. Bursalı Bey

    I am going to this movie in Turkey. Alien – Predator series ++++



  498. i donut know huw to spell . com

    Everybody was hyped, while I’m sitting at my bed trying to defeat this guy in ghost recon wildlands


    Cant make a Predator Movie with out Arnold Schwarzenegger! This movie looks stupid.

  500. Braulio Esqueda

    Get to da choppa!!! Gwaaaarrrr

  501. TheGamingPukes

    Swole Predator

  502. Pac Oo

    GMO predators? what could go wrong…..

  503. George Feldkamp

    Looks dope

  504. The Swap Meet Flea NC9/GDP

    Ooo, *September 14* , My Birthday.
    Anyone else ? 😊

  505. Big L H

    Your One Ugly MotherFuck…….


    Well, at least the guy they got to be the main character doesn’t look like too much of a modern day faggot..I might watch this someday

  507. Idiotic Tirades

    Needs a cast of all women 🙄

  508. Vidyadharan Kumar

    Thats racist

  509. Kaitlyn Terrazas

    Why Key though?

  510. Victor alonzo

    Dosent he show in teen Titans lol

  511. SAK- SOON

    “Watch… the… pre..dator…” (writing down on my to-do list)

  512. Chainy Rabbit

    That looks better than I thought it would

  513. BrittKatSlat

    Yes. They need to do another Alien movie too

  514. 655321

    Who asked for this?

  515. DouaisienLOSC

    I see they still kept those racist braids/locks. Yea, we know what “super predator”, as Hillary Clintons says, this fictional character is an allegory of.

  516. 12coco100

    kinda spoiled the reveal I mean like wtf

  517. El Santo

    It won’t be the same without Arnold

  518. Hans

    Hollywood sure can pump out a ton of unoriginal crap. “This time we’ll make a big super predator.” Brilliant.

  519. J'Hue Casey

    Looks like the best Predator movie in a long time. That’s not saying much, but I’m looking forward to this. Plus is has Keegan Michael-Key branching out into a serious, badass role which is dope.


    O:59 – 1:04 The Funniest thing I ever heard

  521. Railfan Jason

    New Predator looks the size of the Engineers from Alien series. Anyway, this movie looks awesome. Can’t wait.

  522. Firdaus Halim

    Come and get it motha……

  523. Jackie Santos

    They spoil a lot the upgrade predator that’s a beast make the super Predator as a joke

  524. Dylan Musgrove

    Looks so much cooler than the first trailer

  525. Itachi Uchiha

    There better be a xenomorph at the end credits

  526. Matt von D

    This looks terrible, sorry guys. Better reboot this reboot quick

  527. ak nature

    So, just because the predator makes the noise like Godzilla, we are suppose to like it ?

  528. Cletus the Fetus

    I’m hoping this isn’t another cash grab.

  529. Darth Revan

    Well… this was a redeeming trailer.

  530. Neida Rangel

    am I the only who hopes Arnold just shows up and says “ get to the chopppeerr “ 😂

  531. Don’t click on my YouTube channel Plz

    Don’t read my profile name plz don’t !

  532. Kevin Wesley

    Needs more og predator music cues

  533. GammaAlien

    How many movies

  534. Ramit Inmah Ashol

    Every Predator movie, there’s always a superior predator

  535. Russian Spice


  536. Topher Dalton

    Jordan Peele and Olivia Munn! Oh boy! *sarcasm*

  537. xFaDeD_VeNoMx

    Despacito 2 confirmed

  538. Andre V.A.V

    Who’s the other momsters/creature??

  539. vyse174 1665

    at the end of it regular Predator is going to have to fight Ultimate Super Mega predator and they’re going to have to work together as humans to fight each other at the end it’s going to be a sequel the end is going to go even harder with ultra mega super extreme ninja predator

  540. eduardo wolf

    I’ve never really been afraid of the predator I find them super interesting can’t wait love the trailer

  541. omar the joker

    he need sum milk

  542. ThanosGuy101

    To be honest I dont expect this to be that good.

  543. Jorge Gonzales


  544. G Whiz

    Kill me now! Do it! Do it!

  545. Anthony Schneider

    I’m pretty sure weapons technology has evolved further than pistols and rifles from the first Predator movie….I’d think that with the right tech they could equal the predators….all of these tropes have been taken from other movies….genetically enhanced dinosaurs, aliens, etc etc

  546. Brian Renzelman

    Not apex predator???

  547. Angel Vilchis

    Can’t believe Marshawn Lynch got his own movie

  548. Ꮙǝǫค Ꮙ҉ǝ҉ǫ҉ค҉

    Does it also identifies as Apache helicopter? just making sure since it’s 2018 xD

  549. PabSum Wort

    only one female on the cast.
    not surprised being Fox, the studio that put soo much emphasis on Hugh Jackman during 17 years in the x-men franchise when they had a lot of awesome female characters to put the focus on too.

  550. Soothing Voice Man

    looks crappy

  551. X_Sirawesome_X

    That predator ripped af

  552. Noah greatest


  553. shallwi

    Is this a joke?

  554. Jflxn

    ULTIMATE PREDATOR?? I don’t wanna get my hopes up cus Iont want this movie to be a disaster even though it does look cool 😏

  555. Ken Baker

    1:15 cyborg ninja scene from mgs1

  556. Ethan Doubletap Baez

    Whata f&$k are you

  557. De55MP

    If Keegan Michael Key is in the movie you know it’s gonna be good

  558. War_on_poverty

    They literally gave away the whole movie in the trailer lol whats left to watch?

  559. Emman Amedzi

    To Bo honest it looks just good enough to be shown at a movie theater🙂

  560. FakeTaxi

    Looks like a kids movie . If it’s not rated R it’s going to be trash

  561. rvfjone

    I think Predator has some anger issues, let’s put a Smile on that face?! … 😀 🔥

  562. Cheesy Maccool

    I like it, that’s it.

  563. Tyler Matthew Harris

    Sterling K. Brown is awesome.

  564. KING DUCK909090

    Finally about time

  565. Lead Therapy

    Hell Yea

  566. Brian

    Yep, still looks like total crap

  567. markcovka

    oh this is gunna be dope

  568. Evil Twin

    prepare for the shittiest joke on the first mintue

  569. justinfs

    This really this really just looks like AvP.

  570. Everett Nellis


  571. Wise King

    That cast is still bland asf.

  572. Tramaine Terrance

    Hello, Humans. A box contains all of humanity’s worst fears. Such a box can only be found on the moon. Only three of them have been brought to Earth. There are a total of 20,000 in existence. Imagine what would happen if ten more boxes are brought to Earth. Humans can be strong, but there is a strong notion of weakness. This keeps humans from reaching their ultimate potential. The moon has wonders and hold the key to the horrors of the universe.


  573. no u lol

    Thank you Kanye, very cool.

  574. Elektronox

    Just, make it something the diehard fans want, and not just a cash grab please?

  575. Seff McClarin

    2:14 gta 5 reference duh

  576. Taste of Twenty

    Key can’t be in a movie without making someone laugh? hahahha

  577. DanDeceiver

    Not gonna lie, I was actually laughing at that mom joke. Got em.

  578. witch, please

    Sterling !!!!

  579. Nuxe

    *Justin Y.* : Do you know what my job description is?

    *Also Justin Y.* : A professional commenter

  580. Hey It’s Hannah

    This movie already came out if it was in september

  581. rvfjone

    rawr Rawr *RAWR* … 😀

  582. TheRogueMage

    I don’t know why they keep making these movies. They tend to be very stupid to poorly executed. I will catch this one when it comes out on video.

  583. Guy in the background

    So the Predator of my predator isn’t my friend?

  584. M_Shaw13 vlogs

    1:41 the ultimate predator.

  585. MegaLaidback

    Still on the fence.

  586. Krzy Jay Mc.Muffin

    All I ask is that this movie be bloody as hell, and the predators are hard to kill. Unlike Predators where one can be killed by one man where as Dutch lost his whole team just trying to out run one

  587. ErgosProxy

    Yes please…. O_O

  588. ThatOneGuy 2595

    Is it just me or does the guy at 1:52 sound like the one from “Predators” in 2010

  589. HWK

    0:59 Cringe af..

  590. Ad¡ _

    I didn’t know there was a movie named after my uncle

  591. Dnl Dnl

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  592. Gerardo Urdaneta

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  593. Chris Torres


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  595. digested15

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  596. Cuddle Comment leader

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  597. Doom Blade

    I want one of those ultimate predators to get sliced down the middle to reveal Arnold with a belt of predators skulls around the hip while lighting up a fat cigar and say “you ugly mother fuckers just don’t get it…”

  598. The SwoleGamer

    So disappointed, looks like its going the same route as Jurassic world has.

  599. Justin Fencsak

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  600. Solomon Padilla

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  602. Yourna Mehere

    While the trailer did get me exited, I’m so tired of getting the movie spoiled. Did we really need to know that there is another Predator? Yes, I could have not watched it, but this franchise has let me down in the past (I’m looking at you AvP and Requiem) so I needed more than just knowing that Shane Black was directing. Martin Campbell directed Golden Eye and Casino Royale but then gave us Green Lantern so just attaching a name isn’t enough for me.

  603. AlphaStormFilms

    If it’s not competing or close too the first one DON’T MAKE IT AT ALL!!! Ruining a classic 🤦🏾‍♂️!! I don’t need a bigger Predator with more teeth! It’s not Jurassic World!!

  604. nam jef

    Skyrim: Predator Edition

  605. Purplebears

    my only thought on this trailer

    “its the guy from get out”

  606. 1234567890

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  609. MoadFreih

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    Why? That would have been a nice surprise but instead you clearly State the ultimate predator like wtf have you guys in Hollywood not learned!! Just show a glimpse, don’t have to directly reference it

  616. Tajai Gorham

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  625. SVGbyinstinct

    0:59 we interrupt this movie trailer to bring you Key and Peele

  626. Jnr Tui

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  633. Blue Shirt Guy

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  634. Leon Jackson

    I feel the ultimate predator is just a female predator because they’re supposed to be bigger similar to the alien queens

  635. Celil Batu Söylemez


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  637. Gonzalo G.

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  638. Rushky Cabornay

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  640. Alana Thompson

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  646. John Galactus

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  659. Toby-Z

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    Not gonna lie, this trailer looks awesome. The actual movie on the other hand…

  660. PIPE D


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  662. Shane Charlie Kaso


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    Ya hacía falta algo de mis personajes ficticios favoritos <3, ahora falta un remastered de Alien y la botan del estadio

  664. alldamnnamesaretaken

    Focuses too much on the humans, like it’s predecessors. I want to see the humans lose for once

  665. Adrian Horsley

    Good trailer, but nobody cares either over the age of 45 or younger than 30 and thats a small demograophic that goes to the cinema. It’ll break even, not a flop but by no means a money spinner for Fox.

  666. D1zzy Dev1l

    Oh good, there is a kid involved. That’s what the other films were missing

  667. Jose Alfaro

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  672. TheTaskmaster

    Fox trailers are generally a lot better than the movie. So… these are concerning. Expectations lowered.

  673. Douglas Lambert

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  674. Gregg B

    Another special “trailer” that shows the ENTIRE movie.

  675. Douglas Furman

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  676. Paul Bujak

    I want this to be good. I expect it won’t be.

  677. Trey Wilson

    Looks fun, but they blew their load on the money shot way too early. The Super Predator should have been a surprise. I hate seeing the movie, before I’ve seen the movie. Trailers give away too much these days.

  678. the predator warrior


  679. Leonardo Aguilar

    “Gentlemen, you had my curiosity. But now you have my attention.”

  680. migranboyz

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  681. MechAGodzillA 3

    Basically showed entire movie but I still want to see it looks great

  682. Vangyx_217

    Awesome trailer! Gave great shots of our favorite ” one ugly mother****er” and an interesting shot of the new bad boy on the block. But why use the same sound cut for the predator roar? Feel like I downloaded Zedge and found the predator roar and replayed it 20x in a row. Let alone using the same roar clip for the evolved predator. Who, above all things, should have his unique predator roar. Visually stunning trailer and I’m excited to see this film opening night, but I hope that the predators don’t get the same roar. That sounds the same. Every single time.
    You did it perfectly in Predators, all the predators sounded slightly distinct and wasn’t copy and paste.
    Again, overall, super trailer!

  683. Dinglie Danglie Doodle

    What is this? The low self-esteem Predator??? I thought Predators hunt meat, not soy.

  684. Klinkie

    Jesus this looks awful

  685. Matt Dunlap

    Looked good til the showed another bigger predator. Not sure how I feel about that lol. Predators was okay, I wasn’t keen on a bigger race of preds. But this still looks like it could be good. I’m going to see it for sure lol. My favorite alien killer! Covenant was awful by the way lol.

  686. Arvin Joseph

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  687. unkles

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    `Can’t wait

  689. Asad-ur-Rehman PRO

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  692. Augusto Bittencourt Rocha

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  694. Kensei & Makoto Undisputed

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  695. James Ward

    A rated r PREDATOR movie Directed By SHANE BLACK, CINEMATIC GOLD

  696. MobsLetsPlay

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  697. bladerj

    is that suposed to be the girl saved from the first movie ?

  698. Steven Smith

    Well this is MUCH better than the first trailer. I hope the reshoots give the movie more of this tone than of the first trailer.

  699. wish i could make a better name person

    This actually doesn’t look too bad

  700. D L.

    At least made a good trailer for once. I wo u ldnt have watched this movie based off the other retarded trailer.

  701. OsoTye

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  702. Sebastián Jerez

    A new rebot, remake ………… how exciting !

  703. dalleX88

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  704. Owen Bailey

    Absolutely crap and trash!!
    The 1987 movie beats the hell out of this.. this is a let down and plus im a massive fan btw

  705. igot werms

    please be good…..

  706. PhoenixWright101

    Shame they haven’t brought Alan Silvestri back to write the music. Fingers crossed they’ll use his theme, at least.

  707. emmet what

    1:44 wtf? “Welcome Parents and STDs”??

  708. Sgt.Crawler1116

    Stop spoiling the movies you stupid companies

  709. Tell It Animated

    I hope this good, but at-least the Predator looks pretty slick

  710. All Kina Ting

    wow this looks like utter rubbish 🙁

  711. Kevin Hone

    I know there are some Predators that could become allies. 🤔👽

  712. Ponxo

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  713. λ L Σ S S ™


  714. nut head

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  715. Ramiro Mendez

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  717. Movie Mondays

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  718. Tick Tock

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  719. Tyrannapus And Friends

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    TBH what did I expect

  720. Miles Ellis

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  721. mick Joseph

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  723. Xavier Zaragoza


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