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Should Eminem Retire? Do You Still Believe? Honest Revival Review – Reaction – Analysis From a Stan.

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In this video I analyze Eminem’s new album Revival.





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26 Thoughts to “Should Eminem Retire? Do You Still Believe? Honest Revival Review – Reaction – Analysis From a Stan.”

  1. Yu Nu

    The thing is Em tried to cater to many different genres and many different groups of his fan base who aren’t hip hop heads. So, some will hate it, some will love it. That’s why this album is all over the place. Eminem himself told in an interview that he was going for diversity in this album. I think he did that and people don’t want that diversity obviously lol

    I think Em should do more production by himself. He produced songs like The Way I Am & Kill For You & Renegade. He’s an underrated producer tbh

  2. jasmin walking dead

    When did subscribe to you? Like by.

  3. jasmin walking dead

    Walk on water is dope. He’s most likely talking to “fan’s” like you.

  4. jasmin walking dead

    Listen here. Respect. Eminem doesn’t have to “try.” With this culture. He is the past. Present. And future.

  5. jasmin walking dead

    He can do anything he wants. He will retire when he wants to retire. Better music than the mumble trash.

  6. Jesus is King

    he should hes awful now with that robot flow

  7. GonzaKing cs go

    Jaycee fachaa no entiendo una mierda pero siempre atr

  8. Pablitho V

    B E L I Ǝ V E !!

  9. Antonio De Leon

    The album is long af. I don’t know why people say is a bad album. Every song is amazing, the beat doesn’t care. Lyrics are the best. So very dope!!
    I still believe in Eminem.
    I still believe in Marshall Mathers.
    I still believe in Slim Shady.

  10. Pablitho V

    I really like the hook on “bad husband” the whole song great to me, one of my favorites from the album. ( ok ya yo he hablao demasiado coño, ya me voy a callar coño, sigamos el fuckin video coñazo! )

  11. Pablitho V

    Also I think the same about “untouchable” the beat wasn’t good though the back spin change was sick but it was for a few seconds, and then the other change on it I think would’ve been better for the whole song. (I pause, coment, and then hit play and keep watching lol )

  12. Pablitho V

    De lo mio I’m a stan too, and I agree with your opinion!!

  13. Xs Xs

    Eminen iluminati who tf say that Eminem is immortal

  14. Luis Daniel Zambrano Cantillana

    I don’t speak English, but lo estoy intentando jsjsjs

  15. Jose Petro

    It’s tru what u said men. But Em is Em and not all shit is for the whole people, i think that he made every song of diferent topics, is all. i believe, he can do other shit from his dick again

  16. Emmanuel BH

    Great reaction Jay

    Random question :

    Do you believe iluminatis Really exist ?

  17. Michael Campuzano

    React to SATURATION 3

  18. anthony n

    Em said he recored like 40 to 50 so he for this album I bet he has like 10 that are fire but rick Rubin is doing all these rock beats

  19. Rolando Nuila

    Very nice video bro, I start to follow you in your first channel, and i found this and its some of the best English music channel I ever seen, your English it’s very good, it’s very easy to understand, you have to continue like that
    Pd: I want my heart

  20. anthony n

    To be honest Eminem still has it it’s just I think Rick Rubin is fucking him up

  21. Josué Vidal

    No entiendo nada :v

  22. Jesus sais

    I did not understand anything😂😂

  23. lucifer

    tamo aqui porra caralho kkkkkk bom video

  24. Michael Jackson 507

    Panamá 507 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  25. JayCeeReactions!

    Question time!
    Do you still believe in Eminem?
    What do you think of his album?
    Where do you rank this album compared to his other albums?
    Should he retire?
    P.s hope there’s no errors, edited as fast as I could! And hope everyone who reads this comment had or is having a wonderful day!!

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