Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Lucky Charms | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

Everyone loves Lucky Charms! Watch Claire’s attempt to recreate your favorite childhood cereal.

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Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Lucky Charms | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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2,700 Thoughts to “Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Lucky Charms | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit”

  1. Claire Saffitz

    I was shaken to my core when, while filming this video, I learned that half of my co-workers have eaten dog food! We need to know — Have you??

  2. Whoosh Owl

    You should try pop rocks

  3. leah bailak

    i think like sour keys or something like that would be fun to see made

  4. John M

    Absolute Magic: “What?”

  5. Peter Henry

    You just invented next generation dog treats 🙂

  6. Jade Lynn

    Gourmet poptarts!

  7. Enso _

    Wait…BRAD HAS A KID???
    Is that even safe?

  8. Loxa Lorenz

    That’s how you make lucky charms Vinny

  9. Joel Byrd

    Make a gourmet honey bun

  10. Spargle22

    Please try to make gourmet pop rocks!!

  11. Jorge U Bonilla

    Dunno about Gourmet Lucky Charms but damn Brad! Didn’t even try hiding that sick Sleep shirt. Stoner Metal for the win!

  12. Jennifer Krigbaum

    Great video!
    What about doing sourpatch kids/watermelons? Would love to see how you do it homemade.
    Also, I know you said no ‘puffed stuff’ but one of my favorite snacks growing up was the little debbie star crunch snacks, so if you can make those at some point, that would be amazing lol 🙂 (Side note: if you could just recreate all of the little debbie snacks, my life would be complete haha)

  13. Puneet Kapoor

    little debbie swiss rolls!

  14. Sunny Jack-O-Lantern

    Definitely would want to see you make pop rocks

  15. Not-Me

    I love these videos! My favorite on the channel

  16. DominationwithKylee

    How do u feel about a Gourmet Airhead

  17. SabbraCadabra

    THE GUY WHO RUNS THE KITCHEN LIKES SLEEP!!!! see in you the riff filled land bud

  18. Jmanbest #35


  19. ayooo elaina

    Some more ideas for making gourmet things include:
    •Cadbury eggs
    •Pop tarts
    •Fruit snacks
    •Mike and Ike’s
    •Corn Nuts
    •Peppermint patties
    •Pez candies
    •Swedish fish
    •Brownie brittle
    •Jelly belly jelly beans
    •Candy corn
    •Sour patch kids
    •Oatmeal cream pies
    •Pop rocks
    (I do not eat all that I looked it up)

  20. ImACookie1000

    God I love these videos

  21. Tyler Laliberte

    could you make gourmet goldfish

  22. Murphy Studios

    You should make butterfingers

  23. Nic Bravo

    i think Harvest Cheddar Sunchips would be a really interesting challenge! shape, texture, flavor?

  24. Tony Deng

    Try a freeze dryer? They retain the shape better and leave a crispy texture

  25. Mehak Sampat


  26. dudereallythough


  27. LexiColey MUA

    I’ve had this theory since I was a little kid that the non-marshmallow pieces in Lucky Charms are unseasoned cat food. If you look at LC and certain dry cat foods, they’re the exact same shapes. So I think they’re made in the same factory and some are shipped off to be seasoned into cat food and some are shipped off to be made into Lucky Charms!

  28. despressooh

    Does anyone feel bad for claire making these gourmet snacks

  29. Daniel Greenberg

    3 Musketeers candy bars please! Could even expand to do a whole bunch of nougat-based candy bars

  30. Deshun Campbell


  31. VangelVv

    I would like to see Claire try to make a Mars bar

  32. lauraa wubelerr

    Snicker or trolli gummi worms

  33. Stephen Hauck


  34. PrincessKitty0607

    If you haven’t done gourmet M&Ms plz do them if you have do gourmet Reese cups

  35. Joe Hughes



    I really appreciate the hard work Claire puts into these

  37. rosa martinez

    Mexican Gansitos!!!! Pretty easy I think

  38. randscorporation

    Was young Brad wearing a Sleep tee? I knew my boi was into that classic stoner metal.

  39. darkerzap5

    I don’t like Lucky Charms, but I like this video.

  40. Laneya Briggs

    You should make Krave cereal

  41. kris larkin

    Who cares? Gourmet or not, who cares? Is that the best way to spend your time?

  42. Lauren Kennedy

    Girl Scout cookies!!!

  43. Master 5000

    Lucky Charms Cereal that’s the key part that means milk Included!!!

  44. Charis Yu Lee

    Gourmet ruffles

  45. Lewis Shemery

    gourmet Oreo’s

  46. John Gallant

    Can you do Twix bars?

  47. Skunk Skull

    Make a Butterfinger bar!

  48. Ray Gibson

    A big “Nahhh” to this channel

  49. MissLilyputt

    I’m gonna come back to in a couple of days, then comes back the next day. Couple = 2 not 1 or 3 or any other amount. LoL

  50. Alex Stevenson

    nice shirt brad!

  51. Sophia Holmes

    Dippin Dots

  52. Nery Alvarez

    What about Lifesavers?🤔

  53. Lauren B

    Gourmet Warheads. It would be something considering how sour they are. Sour Punch Straws. Hot Pockets or Pizza Rolls. Laffy Taffy would even be an interesting jump.

  54. LurkerChild

    How about a gourmet Milk-Bone?

  55. Veronica Aparicio

    I wonder how has a dehydrater at home?

  56. alex suniga

    Bbq and/or sour cream and onion potato chips would be cool

  57. Mr. Naivax

    Snickers? Milkyway? Three Musketeers?

  58. HOLYCOWofthesea!

    Fudge stripes!!!!!! That should be easier too lol

  59. Joshua Sanchez

    Mexican Sponche cookies 🙂

  60. ZOODUDE100

    Always love these videos!
    You are the best Claire! Love you!
    P.S. You should try making a Gourmet Cadbury Egg!!

  61. Adam Exley

    Can you try Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips?

  62. Secret Zexyula Teloiv

    When will something vegan be gourmet!?

  63. Lost Girl Looking

    Sour patch kids

  64. Sir Smokee Fortwence

    Claire is my favorite.

  65. Courtney Blake

    Try making Everlasting Gobstoppers or Nerds!

  66. repDE420


  67. tenko

    Gormet Pocky next!!

  68. Jack Hammond

    Make bovril 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  69. Sunny Jack-O-Lantern

    Claire’s so Cuuuute! <3

  70. mariteri15000

    Twix or even a Whatchamacallit candy bars would be nice to see you try to make into gourmet treats.

  71. Blair Deveny

    ‘Pastry Chef’, who?? I came for CLAIRE.

  72. Kaylee Springsteen


  73. mitchblahman13

    Cheeto puffs

  74. Carter Cole

    never stop making these videos

  75. Eric White

    What if you don’t have a dehydrater?

  76. LuvBiteFGC

    sour patch kids

  77. Lauren Schatzman


  78. The deep Dreamer

    Should make captain crunch

  79. Gregory Matter

    I am curious about seeing you make poptarts.

  80. inconcert

    Why though

  81. Divam shah

    Do goldfish next

  82. wi11y1960

    I am not trying to criticize. Yet the cereal was probably cooked via a steam heated extruder. When the batter is extruded, because it is steam temperature? It instantly cooks when it hits open air. Hence the internal air bubble you noticed at the beginning.

  83. Sophia Elin

    Powdered iced tea mix like the good host iced tea from nestle

  84. MaKayla Richards

    The only good thing about Lucky charms is the marshmallows. The actual serial itself taste like trash.

  85. Amber Payne

    Frosted animal crackers
    Swedish fish
    Pop rocks

  86. Clint Boyd

    meow mix and lucky charms have the same shapes

  87. Gamer Stich554

    Do sour patch kids

  88. BorderlineAlaska

    I could never do this cause my 4 year old eats all the f*ckin marshmellows first 😠😡🤬

  89. Christopher Meyer

    Make Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers!!!

  90. Sophie Patrock


  91. Myreon Smith

    its a pot of gold not a hourglass

  92. Lauren Nicole

    Is eating all the cereal an apology for throwing away the twinkies? If so, you are not forgive. That was wasteful -_-

  93. Emma Lane

    can you do cheez its next!

  94. Ricardo Montero

    Butterfinger !!

  95. Rafael Silva

    I love how you guys make a tutorial section even though you know very well nobody will ever even think of trying to make this

  96. RyanIsHere03

    Claire stumbling at the dehydrater is me on a daily basis

  97. Kayla Hogan

    Recreate cookie crisps also who hasrnt tried dog food I have

  98. Kat

    Ritz S’mores!!!

  99. Nicole Norman

    You should try making smarties!!

  100. oras5

    Gourmet Nerds? ^^

  101. RyeCustard

    Was it just me or did lucky charms use to never have the cereal wheat parts with no sugar and then it magically was coated in sugar ?

  102. MX Wang

    Gourmet Oreo cookies plz!!

  103. Tyler Emerman

    Can you do cookie crisps

  104. katherine thomas


  105. Jay Hudgins

    Claire I love all your videos! Many requests Noa and laters (fruit flavored taffy candies), Haribo gummies (clown fish, colas, twin snakes), Runts, Pop tarts (smores), Girlscout cookies (variety), Warheads!!!!

    Also please do more team ups with Brad Leone!!!! You guys are hilarious!!!!

  106. PlasmaEarth

    Recreate a Snickers!

  107. mere houk

    make twizzlers

  108. legion999

    Wow Emily is beautiful.

  109. Brooke C

    gourmet dog treats next lol

  110. Andy Adcock

    Moon Pies!

  111. Simaya Rosenbloom


  112. Mr & Mrs Ralphies ASMR

    Gourmet mochi please

  113. This girl came to Entertain

    I don’t know wether you have these in America but I love Cabry Cerly werly

  114. Annalaura Mendez

    air heads
    jolly ranchers
    hot fries
    strawberry shortcake icecream bars

  115. Ava X Squish

    Gourmet jelly beans

  116. Sean McCaffrey

    ideas for more Claire videos: Pop Rocks, Cola (Coke or Pepsi), and Fun Dip

  117. Lauren Whitelaw

    Kinder Eggs! Or Coffee Crisp!

  118. TheCruzanqueen

    of course I have tasted my dog’s food and snacks (Beggin Strips 😉 ). I gotta know what I’m feeding her right?!

  119. Donna Wilcox

    Gourmet air heads!

  120. Andrew Hoffman

    gourmet milkbone dog treats

  121. XDreadsterX

    I need a job in that kitchen damn

  122. kboco star

    SWISS ROLLS!!!!!! Please consider this delicious and incredibly artificial snack cake. If you were to make the gourmet version, some key points to make sure of are the lightness and oily feel of the cream, the perfect swirl in the middle, and of course the iconic waxy chocolate coating around the snack cake itself. Thanks!

  123. Grace Seufer

    Cookie Crisp! I would love to see that remade!

  124. franky

    Pringles and oreos edit: Claire works so hard on these segments, it makes me sweat and feel frustrated myself. She takes one for the team like always.

  125. Darren Meyer

    Here’s ideas for future videos, as requested in the video, after careful brainstorming with my spouse: Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, Yodels, Twix, Doritos.

  126. TheCruzanqueen

    Oh my gosh, you did such a nice job! Can you make airheads next? it’s only 1 piece so it may be easy.

  127. hannah johns

    You should try and make soda! Like Coke, Pepsi, root beer, etc

  128. Savannah

    try cheez its next!

  129. Emmanuel Stone

    I love this series. Thanks for entertaining us.

    You should definitely try to make gourmet Pop Tarts.

  130. Andrew Nugent

    Poptarts would be good, but try Combos! Nothing puffed there just cheeze and pretzels, what could possibly go wrong?

  131. ioblepias

    Claire’s so adorable.


    Can you try making Ring Pops?

  133. janet lee

    Slim Jim!

  134. Maleni Romero

    Slim Jim’s

  135. giggles 92507

    I was gonna ask for you to try to do the sugar cookies with the frosting and sprinkles it’s at all the stores

  136. Ray Mendez

    Make Pulparindo candy!!!

  137. Chloe Young

    Lucky charms is the worst cereal…always avoided them

  138. SmellinLN

    Make moon pies if you know what they are they’re a southern classic

  139. Mr & Mrs Ralphies ASMR

    Wish I were in this kitchen now

  140. Julia Starrider

    Honestly one of my favorite series on youtube! Claire is awesome!

  141. Jay Davis


  142. Wylie_Coyote

    Really like watching your show and I think everything you do is awesome and my recommendation for you to make COMBOS any flavor you like.

  143. Jane Dough

    Please do spaghetti O’s next

  144. Jaycen Tedesco

    please attempt to make gourmet takis

  145. Shawn Dhanda

    How did you get 1978 Elton John to join you for this one?

  146. Tica Drake-Wilkes


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    You should try Oreos!!

  148. Ashlee Peterson

    She should make slim jims

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    Hot pockets or pizza rolls

  150. L Tolbert

    I actually love this! I feel like almost everyone can make this at home. I know that it will be difficult but I actually have all the ingredients at home and I kinda wanna make it.

  151. Isak Gomez

    you should try to make a 3 musketeers bar or even a milky way since they’re pretty similar

  152. Yiyi

    Finally!!! 😂😂

  153. .m.

    She’s pretty hot

  154. Invisible Ducks

    try making hot cheetos

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    gourmet ice gem biscuits!!

  156. Adrian Woodhouse

    Do pizza pops… or PopTarts.

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    Sour Patch Kids!

  158. Nikfang

    Claire idk how old you are but you are fine af

  159. Reming Morton

    This was awesome!! You should try fun dip, or sour patch kids next. Or maybe a series of a few videos where you make different Girl Scouts cookies?? Samoa’s are my personal favorite

  160. Emily Weddle

    Have you done Jolly Ranchers? Also Cookie Crisp might be interesting lol

  161. galemoy

    The way that editor looks when she talks and smiles, reminds me of Blake Lively. I think its the eyes.

  162. Jane Seo

    she is so freaking cute and precious

  163. jackhead4

    make milk bones

  164. bye bye

    Why do i watch these I’m too lazy to get up go to the kitchen and grab some no way in hell am i gonna try to make ’em 😂
    I love Claire’s videos don’t get me wrong

  165. Kem Limpiado

    I like that crispy vs. crunchy insight will take note of that

  166. Emma Fletcher

    I wanna see gourmet Swedish berries which are like the Canadian/British version of Swedish fish

  167. Layne Morin

    Reman noodles

  168. Jasmine Pearce

    I haven’t eaten dog food but I tried a horse treat once. Also… gourmet junior mints please? Or sour patch kids!!!

  169. Kierra Henderson

    Still impressed by that guys definition of crispy vs crunchy

    edit: (apparently his name is Delaney*)

  170. jayde tecson


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    Rocky Road candy bar

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    I love these videos.

  173. Douche Pickle

    Damn Claire is THICC

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    Congrats Claire you made it to #1 on trending !! 😝😋

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    Please make gourmet tootsie rolls and tootsie pops! 😊

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    this ladt doesnt look old but somehow she is still old-looking

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    claire u r a star

  178. Gracie Rinderer

    More complex candy bar : Milky Way snickers Twix

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    Cookie crisp is my favorite cereal

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    I want to see her make gourmet Charms Blow Pops. You know, the lollipops with gum inside?

  181. Brochelli

    Dang she gets old fast lol

  182. Jackinbarmitch LanMcMartac


  183. The Book Bully

    I would pay $500 a bowl for fusilli shaped lucky charms

  184. Elliott Robinson

    I would love to see Claire tackle Poptarts! Or maybe Starbursts

  185. Loribeth Beco


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    Can you try to “Clamato” ??? I love the stuff. I can drink if faster than water.

  187. Steven S

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    Ive tasted dog treats when i was a kid but it was awful so i can’t say i ate it….

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    lol the disclaimer u added. I love that.

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    “Keep fightin’ the good fight.”

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    Can you try making a star crunch?? I think it wouldn’t be that hard!! 💕

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    The guy in orange sunglasses and the orange shirt looks like Larry David’s SNL character Kevin Roberts.

  200. Anthony

    Claire gets prettier every time I look at her wtf

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    But like can u do pocky of different flavor (matcha, chocolate nuts, strawberry, chocolate, oreos)

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    Hostess Cupcakes
    Hostess DingDongs
    Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies
    Little Debbie Swiss Rolls
    Mothers Iced Oatmeal Cookies
    Swedish Fish! 😍

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  229. Ashley Buster

    Thankful for you Claire. I know you get frustrated doing these but they are MY FAVORITE VIDEOS on all of YouTube. Thank you so much for what you do!!

  230. AWOLF

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  286. bmfDiva

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  291. bw2082

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