OCEAN’S 8 – Official 1st Trailer

In theaters June 8th, 2018

Every con has its pros. Starring Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, with Rihanna and Helena Bonham Carter.

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536 Thoughts to “OCEAN’S 8 – Official 1st Trailer”

  1. Bigmarian

    i would like to hit “dislike” milion times

  2. Andrew Winter

    It looks fine.

  3. Infomonkey

    1:28 AKINFENWA is gonna be in this movie???

  4. spongebob swag pants

    So unoriginal

  5. Damoskinos

    Looks Rubbish just another Repeat of a Tired old Film

  6. Mad Mim

    Lol people on here acting like oceans 11 had some sort of actual fan base.

  7. M.K.D.

    *Who else thought it to be a prequel focusing on backstory of Danny ocean? I don’t think I am the only one who got disappointed.*

  8. The Legged Snake

    I remember when John Mulaney (stand-up comedian) made a joke and said that Ocean’s Eleven would never work with women because they would keep making passive-aggressive comments about one another and break off into pairs to talk shit about the others. Still, I’m considering it just because Helena Bonham Carter.

  9. Harrison Ressler

    Please tell me the Taylor swift thing in the trailer doesn’t suggest this movie is meant for 5 years old or younger girls. Thats the same problem Ghostbusters had.

  10. E T



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  12. moonlight baby

    [thinks about pussy in silence]

  13. Amanda McDonald

    I want so badly for this movie to be good.

  14. Bohlinni

    I hope it wont have the same problem than Ghostbusters with Women

  15. Harrison Ressler

    Please don’t be like Ghostbusters.
    Please don’t be like Ghostbusters.
    Please don’t be like Ghostbusters.
    Please don’t be like Ghostbusters.
    Please don’t be like Ghostbusters.

  16. overcorpse

    Whats next?Dirty Harriet….

  17. HotShot 27

    funniest video ever

  18. hihaoden

    Coming up: saving private ryan with an all female cast

  19. WeepyProphet

    Can’t wait for Ovaries Eleven.

  20. Mr.Nice Guy

    Predator,Terminator,die hard reboot !!!

  21. Kyle Dickinson

    Here we go again, another controversial movie, a remake of a great franchise but with women, obviously this is going to tank then the same excuse of sexism will be used rather than looking at the faults of the movie, which by looking at the trailer are already predictable; poorly written script, half the cast are well known celebs that can’t act but are there to attract mindless moviegoers as apposed to creating an actual fanabase, the focus will be on comedy rather than the plot – but poorly written and timed “jokes”.
    It’s a shame because i have respect for some of these actors, and you can tell they will give a half decent effort but they’re dragged into this uninspired, barely original crap for what, to prove a point? It failed the last time with ghostbusters why attempt it again, the world hasn’t stopped being ready for a good film with a predominantly female cast since we’ve already had them before and have films and games centred around strong female leads, but this is just crap, a ghostbusters 2.0. Stop being unoriginal, I’d like to see an actual attempt at an original heist film with a strong female cast that’s, written well

  22. Liz Ard

    To all you crybabies thanking feminists for “ruining” everything, another movie series, or just your childhood in general… you’re welcome.

  23. Gavin Reddig

    I smell another Ghostbusters remake situation here

  24. Sedh Charles


  25. Sedh Charles


  26. Bri.V.M.

    These men are so butthurt in the comments. Pathetic.

  27. Gavin Reddig

    This didn’t need to be made honestly

  28. Matthew Thomas

    Apparently they didn’t learn anything from the mess that was Ghostbusters.

  29. LitPlayz YT

    I just dropped a song titled “suicidal thoughts” it would be great if anyome can check it out and give me feedback! Thank you!

  30. ambientjules

    They should have just called this ‘Weinstein’s angels’.

  31. duply02

    OCEAN’S (of eye shadow) 8

  32. Jerry Seinfeld

    Movie: Female Edition

  33. boredmonkee

    Anyone notice the name on the tomb? Soooooooo…What happened?!

  34. ЖельоМир Пиявици Клизма Jeliomir Leeches Enema

    I am with your mind

  35. Eric Fartman

    This is so great u guys……gonna go take a bite of CYNIDE!

  36. Robert Hayes

    Genius song choice: References Sinatra being in the original Oceans (b/c Nancy Sinatra song). As for the movie itself, who knows?

  37. Loony Tunes

    Oh SHIT!!

    Please DO NOT click the link Soundcloud.com/user-419149463
    It’s straight GARBAGE JUICE..🚛💦

  38. Jay McG

    Liberalism destroying movies

  39. Commodified Myself


  40. Christian Hernandez Meza

    Funny how writers can’t make an original woman led movie that’s why crap like this is made

  41. sdsdaddas

    Ocean’s movie with women? Yeaahh… Should’ve realized from the new Ghostbusters that having a full-female cast is not a good idea.

  42. Veronica D

    Kids…meet mommy’s new friends! 😎

  43. Jemri Hamza

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  44. HauntedCircuit

    2017 is almost over. This all woman gimmick should die with it.

  45. daddyrichten

    Women already have their own heist racket, it’s called divorce court. In real life, they would just marry Oceans 11, cheat on them, then take half.

  46. Xanhorn

    How did all these female actresses have enough time to make this movie in between all the dinners and laundry they needed to be doing for their husbands.

  47. JustGFY

    So if its an oceans movie why isnt Julia Roberts Mrs. Ocean?

  48. Spectrumpicture

    I think it looks good! They could’ve called it something else to avoid the gender swap label, but that’s their agenda.

  49. The Ecua Rican

    Uh, where the Guys? Lol

  50. Og Gandelf

    That blonde bitch thinking she rusty doe

  51. akilah1595

    If they wanna make over every single movie that starred majority men and make it with majority women then I would LOVE that. All the males who disagree can sucks my nonexistent balls

  52. Chris Ferguson

    Another “female” movie?

  53. Greg Dundee

    Didn’t Danny Ocean finish up by banging Julia Roberts? What happened to her?

  54. Mike Hancho

    Whats next an all woman Black Hawk down? How about saving private whats her face?


    The land of Feminazia is slowly taking over (Hollywood).

  56. D4Gamerz

    I love Sandra bullock but this looks like shit.

  57. Wealthy Pepsi

    what is the obsession with remaking good films with female actors ffs.

  58. Dark White

    I saw this movie…it was called ocean 11😬

  59. Jesse James

    Haha this movie looks great

    Like if you don’t agree

  60. Philip Sunday

    This is what I think about sjw 💩💩💩💩

  61. SS Robs

    Hey everybody in comment section! Did you know taking an existing movie and then putting women in the staring roles makes it a completely new and original movie? No? It Doesn’t? Well then you must be sexist pigs!

  62. Huh Ya Hoiii


  63. Lincoln De Boer

    I hope this doesn’t flop like ghostbusters did

  64. Emma Davidmann

    Julian needs to watch this immediately and name all the actresses as it goes

  65. grumpygandalf

    Can’t wait to see what kind of sandwiches they can make

  66. Chris Ferguson

    So where’s ocean?

  67. Rihanna Navy

    Rihanna ❤

  68. Dark Lord123

    Lol they should just stick to cooking

  69. William Rich

    Next up: “Magic Michelle: Double-D”

  70. Budd Smith

    Would be just as believable if 8 cartoon cats plotted a big heist.

  71. Jacob warren

    1. Subscribe
    2. Comment done
    2. I will subscribe back !!

  72. Russell RedCloud

    Pretty soon they’ll remake Die Hard with a damn woman. “Die Hard Starring: Charlize Theron”

  73. Ansel Zeng

    Why not just mine bitcoin

  74. Phoenix River

    Hollywood always with “Women can do it the same or better” It looks interesting and all but can we like change the title? I mean the other movies weren’t masterpieces, but at least they were something.

  75. Mike James

    The man with the dragon tattoo

  76. jose milo

    That why we touch female in the PUSSY.

  77. John Brantingham

    Great! I loved when they did this to Ghostbusters! I can’t wait to see this one too! I’m so excited, I hope Melissa McCarthy is in this!

  78. timothy dawes

    How much female rejection are you facing that you would downvote this on principle?

  79. Gabrielle Jade

    These are all such great actors, they could have at least given them an original plot or movie

  80. VonDutch85

    Sandra stay away from the knife!

  81. 警告

    cant cant wait to wait this

  82. Kevin Malia

    How many of these women bent over, spread their legs, or kneeled down to get their roles? Acting really doesn’t take much skill and there are thousands in line so my guess is all of them.

  83. hatton1985

    It’s pretty clear that these Hollywood moguls are the reason Movies in general are just utter trash. It’s been this way for years now. Producers that are punching way above their pay grade.

  84. Sohail Ali

    Can Summer be here already

  85. JET Man

    They’re going to tie the oceans movies together since Linus is returning, out of all the characters right?

    On a positive note, at least Johnny depp isn’t in it😂😂😂

  86. Faisal Fareed

    Another flop on the way

  87. HauntedCircuit

    Warner Bros is becoming the new Sony. They don’t know what they’re doing.

  88. MrDragonbeast2000

    Why are they pulling a ghostbuster with this franchise?

  89. Brooke Maddox

    Sarah ❤❤

  90. Hiral Patel

    Liberal pandering is strong with this one – Yoda

  91. Rasco

    Warner bros rather destroy every good legacy that good actresses from last decade gave us, i rather watch b movies these days, atleast they are organic

  92. Amaya C

    Looks gay. I’m in.

  93. kyokogodai

    More glorification of crime from Hollyperv. What a surprise. The feminazi version of crime family at work. Your days are numbered Hollyperv!!

  94. SMV 750

    Ain’t no bitches gonna rob no jewels

  95. Ianstirk Vaben

    Did Weinstein give them the roles

  96. Keyse Basora Hidalgo

    Where’s Ocean?

  97. Briggham Calder

    first ghostbusters now oceans, theres no place for a woman in a mans position

  98. Mad Man Mercury

    You gotta be careful around everyone these days. I was walking down the street at 7:30 yesterday and a guy pulled out a SCISSORS. Luckily I was agile enough to reach into my pocket and pull out a rock. Coz if I had pulled out paper, man I would have lost.

  99. Trav in the Box

    I really don’t feel like this movie appeals to any audience honestly.

  100. Rasco

    You only going to hear me say this once and it is to much pussy in this movie

  101. utkarsh sankrityayan

    They’re ruining everything!

  102. hakz akz

    Want to double bitcoin?

    Send them 👉👉👉👉👉 a34a2e00-cc68-447c-ba84-2dd8a97618bb

  103. Security Risk

    Wow Sick! New movie Trailer Staring

  104. neha ratnakar

    Awesome 😂😂😂😂 sandra bullock ! 😍😍😍😍

  105. Longman Lime

    Wow a trailer is top trending

  106. Serious Face

    Where my soy boyz at?

  107. MyLife

    This looks bad… And forced. But I’m sure all actors involved will get their fat cheques regardless.

  108. John Luna

    If they remake rocky with woman that’s it. They already made million dollar baby make something original or do woman have to steal remakes and reboot it?

  109. Jai Chhabra

    Women following in Men’s footsteps what next “Dames Bond”

  110. Bug of Bollywood

    Taimur Ali Khan Birthday party Video 👇👇👇👇👇👇

  111. d.K.v.W.

    Oh cmon
    It’s time to stop
    Make new innovative movies
    Btw we need oceans’ 42
    It’s the answer Hollywood is searching for
    Believe me

  112. No Name

    They locked out the other earlier trailer because it was getting so many dislikes.

  113. momjong

    WHY!! Is this the trend rotting, pathetic, corrupt and morally bankrupt Hollywood? Are we just going to rehash all movies and franchises with women now? God, why not shop for scripts from 3rd world countries? I bet you’ll make a fucking mint!

  114. MarathonRunner2

    Why even call it Oceans, this has nothing to do, as far as i can see, with that series of movies. Just make an original series and problem solved.

  115. Agista Saraswati

    The Ocean in woman version. Would it be amazing?

  116. 5H@laurinah

    Ryan afc, (since I couldn’t replyto you post) so equal rights ruins everything???????? It’s misogyny and fuckin ignorant, uneducated hoes like you that ruin everything. I mean that fact that you have cock is disgusting and just means that you are a whore.

  117. Angelina Polana

    Sick cast!! Sandra, Mindy, awkafina 😂 can’t wait for this

  118. paul Rees

    Looks awful, plus James Corden is in it. So I think it’s going to be crap, just like Ghostbusters

  119. Sahara Winters

    To anyone complaining about why this exists, let me explain why many are excited for this and hyping it up (clears throat) (note that the following is to make above about disproportionate representation in Hollywood and not the quality of the following titles):

    Notable blockbuster titles with a majority of all female leads that aren’t bland interests in semi recent memory: Ghostbusters (bleh), Wonder Woman, Hidden Figures, Girls Night Out…?

    In contrast to:
    The Fate of the Furious, The Magnificent Seven, The Hitman’s Bodyguard, American Assassin, American Made, The Accountant, The Foreigner, Just Getting Started, The Dark Tower, Transformers: The Last Knight, Baywatch, King Arthur, The Mummy, Overdrive, 6 Days, Acts of Vengeance, First Kill, xXx: Return of Xander Cage, Unlocked, 24 Hours to Live, Wheelman, Cops and Robbers, Dunkirk, Hacksaw Ridge, Batman vs Superman, pretty much every marvel movie, Assassins Creed, Sausage Party, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, 13 Hours, The Nice Guys, Gods of Egypt…

    I could go on for literally days but you get the idea. Note that I’m taking about major blockbusters with a MAJORITY female cast (not just one female character solely there to break up the sausage fest and mostly get killed or kidnapped to give wonder bread protagonist something to angst and grit his teeth over) that have major studio backing, star power, and decent marketing. I’m not saying this is 100% going to be awesome (it’s not out yet- so people shouldn’t be assuming the opposite either) but movies like this are important to lift up, because they’re already starting at a lower level than every other snarky white-guy lead action/heist movie out there because you already have many a douchebag dissing it because they’re under some vague impression that women are trying to “take over” something that’s “theirs” by trying to do what they’ve been doing to decades.

  120. hullcity boys

    Killed it

  121. Gabriel Albuquerque

    The same plot again but now with womans. Ocean is free and begin a new heist…and… Bla bla bla… But maybe in the futere we can see a crossover.

  122. Chip Skylark

    Womens arent funny and gay


    Plz stop with these chick flick remakes

  124. NoOr

    Suggest me some comedy movies for holidays..
    Thanks in Advance

  125. ImperioMagno

    *why warner,why??? serious.. you need make ocean 14 , fuck shit feminist shit, i HOPE DISNEY BUY WARNER, fuck WARNER*, *I SEE IN ROTTEN THIS MOVIE HAVE 2 POINTS … OR 1, BEHIND 4 FANTASTIC*

  126. E T

    Sarah, Sarah, Sarah! <3

  127. Shell Smell

    that is a movie I would pay , cant wait

  128. Florentino Roman

    This would be amazing if they robbed a bank or casino.

  129. lukeyellow 46

    Bunch of walled out, stalled out cunts.

    Fuck feminism!

  130. Zachary Seville

    At least they’re not rebooting Ocean’s again, but rather making this a spin off. This has the potential to be pretty good.

  131. Doug M

    So, not written or directed by Soderbergh. How do you think this will go?

  132. Joe Blow

    This the best the jewd can come up with?

  133. josh h

    Learnt nothing from ghostbusters

  134. sweet

    A packed cast of amazing actors with gorgeous costume design AND a bunch of pissed off whiney white boys that will cry when it makes bank? Sign me the fuck up

    1. Matti Ace

      sweet I know you are “bitch” go to your safe place.

    2. sweet

      Matti Ace ooo ouch such a burn, I️m shaking in my boots

    3. Matti Ace

      sweet Sorry “Bitch” you’re wrong!

    4. sweet

      Matti Ace What? Are you “triggered” broflake?

    5. Matti Ace

      Shut the fuck up! Please!

  135. Chimutrufio Gumercindo Ibañez del Campo

    It looks just ok, not good, not bad, just mediocre.
    I think I’ll pass until they run it on cable or something.

  136. Pedro Rigual

    C’mon… Cate Blanchett? Sarah Paulson? Anne Hathaway? RIHANNA??, just enjoy the fucking movie and all of these wonderful women, you pussies. Everyone wants to rate shit these days even before it comes out. People forgotten the fact that not every movie is made to win awards and get 10/10

    1. Matti Ace

      You’re retarded

  137. thatbratshinji

    Rihanna ruins every movie she’s in

  138. steveninthe

    free advice, don’t let your wife watch this garbage

  139. Branding Ambassador

    Sandra Bullock going to make this shit fire

  140. Cloud Official

    Why so many dislike??I’m disapointed???🤔🙄

  141. jacintomauricio

    I don’t know I’m not feeling it….I would drop a load on Sandra Bullock that’s for SURE..

  142. Rodrigo Teresa

    A remake of a remake? Come on Hollywood.

  143. Mark Silla

    Did all the people in comments come together in a convention and decide on the funny jokes.

  144. Mariana

    I like that Hollywood is making more movies with a cast consisting of mostly women but I would like it more if they made original movies not just remakes 😕

  145. lalit verma

    4:44 is liye tumara koi paati ni hai

  146. Aryan Zagros

    Feminist garbage.

  147. Sea Wagon

    Band of sisters(2019)
    Saving Private Rose(2020)
    Around the World in 80 Kitchens(2021)
    Of Mice and Women(2022)
    Too Queef too Triggered: Feminists Drift(2023)


    Never GO FULL Retard

  149. Karim Jovian

    Yes YEs and YES

  150. Novin Sadighi

    Aw sweet jesus this is Ghostbusters all over again.

  151. Gamma Hamma

    For all of you sexists and feminists, how do you know the movie will be bad, if you haven’t seen it?

    1. Matti Ace

      The trailer doesn’t look that good! Movie trailers are made so WE can decide if we like what WE see. And if WE like what WE see we will pay to see it! FYI by WE I mean Men and Women

  152. Slayed Sausage

    Plastic surgery advertisement?

  153. asoka tano

    Can’t wait for the all girl predator movie….. (vomits)…..

  154. Oopss7

    You had me at
    And Helena Bonham Carter

  155. nori

    Looking forward to this ❤️

  156. Owen Parry

    I didn’t realise recycling movies helped the environment too

  157. asoka tano

    Omfg why all these “let’s make the same movie but with GIRLS” Wtf is wrong with the world today?

  158. Rachel Bowman

    I’m glad they’re not doing it like they did ghost busters but Sandra Bullock’s Ocean is related to George Clooney’s. Much better then retelling the tale with actresses rather than actors.

  159. Daniel Giscard

    Warner Bros. just went bankrupt from this trailer! RIP cinemas!

  160. Conrado Balbinot


  161. Daniel Harper

    They could of just brought bitcoin 😂😂

  162. Baltimore TURK

    Coming this Summer… GIRLS IN THE HOOD… staring Mc Lite, Jadda Pinket Smith, Queen Latifa and Tyler Perry!!!!!

  163. Kakashi Hatake


  164. Cristian

    Sandra bullock😍

  165. Doodle Stuff

    Bullock is looking rough, she looks like what would come off if Michael Jackson exfoliated his face

  166. Prateek Das

    This is not the GOOD WAY to empower women.

  167. woodbyte

    The cast feels a bit monotone, no? Only Cate Blanchett stood out for me.

  168. Jake S

    Lana Winters is S H O O K

  169. Jake S

    This looks amazing!!

  170. F K

    Another reason why identity politics need to be wiped off from the face of the earth

  171. Luke Myers

    No, it does not make you sexist for not liking this movie. Don’t let anyone tell you that it does because it surely does not.

  172. boomshroomgoonmoon

    c r i n g e

  173. comentuchme

    Somehow this trailer makes Bullock look more smug than Clooney. Before today I thought this wasn’t possible.

  174. Jason Viper

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA feminist version of “ocean 11” i know the movie is called ocean’s 8 but read between the lines.

  175. schwarzfalk

    I like this movie concept. just like Ghostbusters’ remake, it’s very politically correct & that’s commendable 🙂

  176. Juan Marsot

    the trailer says it all, very predictable!

  177. Deathwar Gyhhjkjk

    It makes me laugh men are apparently sexist but making a film with all woman is no different then making a film with all men people talk about equality but this isn’t equality this is sexist both ways one movie all men one movie all woman that’s still sexist people say they want “equality” then put half men and half woman cast on it’s not that difficult. Also in stead of re making a brilliant movie make a new original movie for women. Ever think of that Hollywood etc no thought not.

  178. MRah

    Next they’ll remake Austin Powers with a female lead

  179. Isaac M

    Sandra’s face looks great. You can barely tell…

  180. Ben Blevis

    Wow Hollywood really stepping up with original story lines… Oh wait.
    Why is this becoming the norm. Replacing legendary old movies with only female B-list actors and calling it new. For the record I don’t have a problem with an all female cast but come on be original.

  181. john ryan

    wow this looks stupid

  182. FreakEasy

    That’s it i’m remaking Magic mike with women

  183. goth lisa

    the hell are men always so mad for. you got your four oceans movie and someone wants to make a new one yall go off the charts calm down

    1. J.J. Swann

      Ur angry about men being angry, contradict much.

  184. mohammad mannan

    Missing George cloony, Brad Pitt and other oceans gang ..

  185. Trix Bunny

    Why don’t they just make a new movie with some girls rather than just take good movies with an all male cast and turn it into girls. Like it’s ridiculous just make a new original movie with a female cast.

  186. Silent Legend

    oooohh, another f u c king sh it from usa, to steal more money, nice.

  187. Ethan Winograd


  188. Ia1n Campb3ll

    I’m getting sick of all female reboots

  189. Owen Parry

    Yay feminism (copying real movie making since 2015)

  190. ScrappedRose

    All these angry men just make us stronger.

    1. J.J. Swann

      On behalf of all men, we want our rib back.

  191. Deathwar Gyhhjkjk

    This is gunna terrible (not because of women) because you can’t remake a grate film like oceans it’s like remaking back to the future

  192. Miran Momin

    trending #5… love from india ..

  193. Aushim Das

    This is gonna be like that female Ghostbusters spin-off

  194. kurtebug

    Where’s the ocean?

  195. Universal Compilations

    Hi Guys! I am new to youtube. I would really appreciate it if you checked out my channel. Thanks!

  196. kai flower

    The issue is people complain about an all female cast reboot yet if it was an independent film, three would be the same argument of a feminist rip-off so there’s no winning.

  197. eric131313

    Ok here we go again. What is with this extremism anyway ? making all cast women won’t solve any issues Hollywood

  198. Vincent Perchtold


  199. Zero Sound

    If ain’t ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  200. chumcool

    So this is what all that sexual harassment stuff was about. I just knew there was an angle in there somewhere.

  201. Baltimore TURK

    The Last Female Samurai,, Staring any Asian Female actress….

  202. arawtgabi

    Can anyone say Ghostbusters reboot?

  203. Dylan janes

    and theres no beating the oceans eleven classy theme

  204. TruthBeTold

    Who’s the fat chick at 2:16?

  205. jimmy wrangles

    Maybe this movie will show hollywood that all female reboots are a waste of time, this movie has every female star hollywood has to offer and will bomb hard.

  206. Baltimore TURK

    I guess FEMALE actress are going to have to start MUFF DIVING to get Good rolls in HOLLYWOOD…

  207. Danny Padilla

    At least melissa mccarthy’s not in it

  208. ParallaxStar49

    Bitches should of just stayed in the kitchen for this one.

  209. KSM PH

    Ocean 8 to 11 men’s is much spectacular

  210. George Lincoln Rockwell

    It would have been cheaper for Hollywood to simply hold a $50 million bonfire.

  211. Wormvid Gaming

    Thank you, good piece of work, like dropped► More music there ◄ 😉

  212. ʟᴀɴᴅᴏɴ

    I don’t have to watch the movie to know th whole story.

  213. Safwate Ahmed

    Wow !! looks like a pure shit. An expensive one.Waiting for another female #Ghostbusters

  214. Alex Brochu

    i smell a big fiasco !!!!!!

  215. meow

    the only saving grace on this cast is cate blanchett and rihanna, as much as i love sandra bllock, she’s not that girl.. it would be better if it was charlize theron instead.

  216. Elvira Mašinović

    Omg June??? I can’t wait!!!!

  217. Witcher Knight

    The original working titles > more SJW anti Straight white male crap > Cat ladys pretend to be young part 2.

  218. FaXXX Ova Feels

    I only have one question… Why? 🤦🏾‍♂️

  219. Mehebuba Marshia

    Came here to see all the snowflake males crying over a movie trailer. Ocean’s 8 got it right. Keep those male tears coming! ROFLMAO!

    1. Jay J

      Ohhh I’m so burnt!!! You beta cucks are so angry at losing so much that crying is on your mind all the time. No originality that you have to use words like snowflake that are stolen from strong republicans. Plus your kind have the lowest iq’s that are so easily manipulated. SOY BOY or IT. wtf are you? gender confused?

    2. Mehebuba Marshia

      Jay J That’s why you’re so ass burnt that it’s the MEN who are crying in the movie and in the comments section this time LOL. Masculinity is fragile indeed 😉

    3. Jay J

      Look in the mirror again. You are are the postergirl for a snowflake that cries all the time hahahah.

    4. Mehebuba Marshia

      Jay J Cry harder snowflakes lol

  220. The German

    Why did Disney buy ocean’s too ….

  221. Sirlucifer 2

    8 female robbers the feminist *cue Ghostbusters theme song* I’m an adult virgin 😂

  222. Sergio Franco

    This reminds me of Ghostbusters… And we all know how that ended

  223. Joseph Carnegie

    i am a huge virgin and mad about them putting women in the movie

  224. Luthfi Purnahasna

    Did I just watch the whole movie? The only I got excited was when I saw Anne Hathaway scene.

  225. ro la

    It looks like a bad comedy movie than like a cool gangster heist. this gender stuff is the end of the good movies. I´m going to watch taxi driver now….

  226. TruthBeTold

    It’s such a pleasure to watch Hollywood and the Liberal cucks crush and crumble so miserably!

  227. JeffDunhamsPeanut

    At least WB didn’t make the same mistake as with Ghostbusters from 2016, and hire some good looking women.

  228. Sea Wagon

    no no NOOOOOO!

  229. Andrew Cool

    Is this a prequel ?

  230. evancortez2

    the way things are going there will be nobody left in hollywood to make movies except a bunch of women and Corey Feldman

  231. Ashley Schaeffer

    This movie will bomb worse than the female ghost busters trash!

  232. juandiego sol

    They fucked it up just like what happened to Ghostbusters

  233. YUMA

    Two and a half girl?

  234. Vandreren

    Design by committee.

  235. YUMA

    Jamie Bond : The Kitchen is not enough

  236. Mackiepakie

    Why do feminists have to ruin every good movie. Sorry but no film should EVER be remade with the genders swapped. tbh I’m surprised feminists are ok with a male director telling them what to do. What’s next… “stand by me… and braid my hair”

  237. Obinna Patrick

    Garbage already..

  238. Christabelaa


  239. Jack Russell

    Looks complete shite.

  240. ren

    have all these snowflake men forgot that the only reason they are here is because of us? so ungrateful

  241. Ibrahim rza

    Okk omg I’m freaking out this looks sick🙌🏽🙌🏽😍

  242. YUMA

    Power Ranger Girls The wall is not enough

  243. Toxic Ribcage

    Got some AHS in this! Yeahh baby yeahh!!

    1. E T

      Toxic Ribcage Sarah😍

  244. YUMA

    Next reboot
    Queen of Rings : Saurons Wedding

  245. skillo

    i dont know maaaaan, i just didnt like it

  246. xtinaoutsang

    Rihanna did not come to play with y’all.

  247. Peerpl3

    so they first killed ghostbusters and now this?

  248. Icecube88

    I like how this movie actually looks quite good and people are still complaining “Ugh, WOMEN. They ruin EVERYTHING!”

  249. ren

    men are snowflakes lol

  250. Username 31028

    Why does Hollywood have to try so hard to be politically correct and un offensive. Take me back to the good days where people weren’t offended and crying about everything.

  251. Thori Thoroddsen

    thanks, feminists…

  252. Tarun Kaushik

    I feel this would again be a trilogy Ocean’s 8, 9 & 10?.. and maybe the last movie would be like a link/ prequel to Oceans 11 (the original)
    .. maybe we’ll even get George Clooney in the last one? 😉

  253. Coty Martin

    oh the days when girls would just use their body to get ahead in life – oh wait…

  254. EpicMILFTime

    Mmmmmm meh.
    Just meh.

  255. mago lago

    what is up with all the fags in the comment section? if you froot loops can stand looking at women then fuck off

  256. donmuckz

    Better not ruin it like u did ghostbusters females

  257. Rishi Jagtap

    Fuck Warner Bros!!!! You ruin every single movie nowadays!!! JL, BvS & this movie are few examples

  258. jackson ahkila

    This looks like a Fan Made movie

  259. MaxV2

    I wonder if Harvey Weinstein will make a remake with a female cast…oh wait

    1. Michael Oberst

      MaxV2 hahahah

  260. Kevin Worytko

    I swear, if Hollywood’s next big idea is “Resivoir Bitches”…

  261. Josh Goldman

    Anyone remember ghostbusters? Not the good one, the shitty reboot…

  262. New Man

    thumbsie downies

  263. KeatonUltraGamer

    Never played Roblox. well, heres some info:
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    Sign up for an account by using this link:

  264. 5H@laurinah

    YAAAAAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This cast is stacked asf, can’t wait.

  265. Eduardo Villares

    Next Hollywood movie: Women in black

  266. Ozan KEŞKEK

    I can’t wait to watch. my home cinema

  267. Sunbald13

    Why is everyone talking about how this is bullshit and NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT HOW FUCKING GORGEOUS RIRI LOOKS

  268. 1962lp2h

    It looks crap and I never even watched it, Don’t mess with originals come up with something new oh wait its hollywood there are no original ideas left. Mwah mwah mwah

  269. mago lago

    how many hotshots you can fit in 2 hours the movie

  270. Captain

    Hot take: Every Oceans movie is trash. and this one will be too.

  271. Eribert

    PLS STOP MAKING REBOOTS WTF! Oceans 11/12/13 was great pls dont ruin that kind of movies

  272. cozahekz1

    Don’t have a problem with women being the criminals in a heist movie but was Obviously made for the feminists and had to put the Oceans title on it to draw attention.

  273. David Shekelstein

    >Directed by Gary Ross
    oy vey, muh shekels !!!

  274. Smiling Dog

    Why would women want equality in Hollywood? So they can make overblown crappy movies like their male counterparts? Now, that is equality.

  275. Zoozy G

    BUT OCEAN 9 must include Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts and viola davis

  276. TreesFallrs

    It’s all women, it’s a hijacked movie. oceans 11,12,13 was good and this is garbage.

  277. Down Comes the Hammer

    Sorry, I don’t watch movies with James Corden in them

  278. Lokesh paul

    Hahah poor mindy 😍😍😍 isliye tumhare pas koi pati nahi h

  279. nos27man

    Lame. Honestly it hurts fenale reboots when they have great heist franchise to work with and they steal something super stereotypical like jewelry. Might as well add in some shoes, dresses and makeup just to cover the bases

  280. RoachForLife

    I’m all for women and equality but come up with an original idea please.

  281. 151621

    Love sandra bullock.

  282. anabellee55

    God so many people whining and talking shit in the comments. Say what you want but it got your attention one way or another.

  283. MyThousandYearOldWisdom WillHelpYouGrow

    Oiii this seems contrived. Here I have one for you Hollywood.. “the last Nigga on earth, starring Tom Hanks” lol Paul Mooney

  284. The Truth Be Told Podcast - Hip Hop Podcast

    Down for women in an all star cast but I’m judging this trailer no differently then judging it if it were all men.. and it doesn’t look as great as I hoped and thought it would.. we’ll see when the next trailer hits

  285. użytkownik 371

    Soderberg isn’t directing this movie. Great…

  286. asia_r_1989

    This is going to be glorious

  287. saarah khan

    Finally😭😭😭 been waiting so longgg

  288. тнe Epιcoolαd

    Bad actors and pretty faces.
    I’m sure this’ll be a hit.

  289. Sebastian m

    All for this type of movie, with this cast, but why not give it an original title? I don’t see how tying it to the Ocean’s franchise helps it. This is the mindset that limits feminism. Deconstructive Feminism.

  290. Bravo Kilo

    Male version – Rob Casinos
    Female version = Steal a necklace…

    Yeah, good job on the empowerment. What a sack of shit disguise as “progression”.

  291. Криптонит Энергон

    Movie looks awesome. Stop whining

    1. Илья Ефимов

      Totally agree.

  292. deb

    Too bad Gal Gadot isn’t in this too. =P

  293. MajorZer0

    Another bomb about to explode, just like Ghostbuster did and just like every other movie that will try to force feminism and SJW shit down our throats.

  294. English Bob

    This looks terrible

  295. Lokesh paul

    Love all but here for mindy😍😍😍😍

  296. 2jz Jus

    GARBAGE. Waste of time. Wont even watch this for free on the firestick lol 😂😂

  297. L L

    When SJWs run hollywood this is what happens.

  298. Josua aditya pratama

    cant wait

  299. Flared

    It’s so ridiculous that Hollywood are doing this. It’s pathetic. It just shows you that Hollywood really has hit a new low.

    For these reasons I ask: Why is James Corden in this film?

  300. Alan Klassen

    I’m alright with this one. Unlike Ghostbusters, the original films were not about the specific actors and their brand of comedy, they were just fun fleeting heist flicks and could have worked with any actors. Also Oceans has been a brand that’s been done many times before and they are always this formulaic, they’re not meant to be more. Don’t know if I’ll see this in theaters, but I’m fine with it being a thing.


    Really was liking this “Then Rihannas forehead ” was everywhere even in Battleship they tried to cover it with hat cap but No too late and to top it off James Corden “Oh Dear” must be desperate times in Hollywood

  302. arg38

    It’s Ocean’s 8 because 8 women can do a job that takes 11-13 men.

  303. snowhey01

    What’s next, Saving Private Ryanna? SMH

  304. GPO

    Another ghost busters female remake flop


    What happens when they get their period?

  306. Nicole Hay

    y’all really out here whining abt how formulaic this is and how it just rips off an existing franchise but where were ur nasty asses for the rest of the ocean reboots? hmm….

  307. Jim Cornette

    These women need Hitler.

  308. orla yo

    dudebros really are sensitive huh

  309. cohletrain

    Is this what people want? Really?

  310. missvisibleninja

    Why does this have so many dislikes? Oh right people hate women

  311. ren

    men are pathetic lol you guys get mad when everything isnt focused on you

  312. Sid Thevar

    ya……..im not going to watch this shit……

  313. nk

    Hollywood is absolute shit now. All they ever do is “reboot” movies from 10 years ago. Completely unoriginal, full of stale tropes. Why not just make an all-female remake of every movie from the last decade? That will be engaging and exciting!!!!!

  314. Horatio KJV Bible

    More feminist garbage. This is what killed Star Wars, Star Trek, Ghost Busters, Atomic blonde and the rest of this synagogue of satan jew propaganda.

    This shit is deliberate. Role reversal. Men are women and women are “men”. Brainwashing bullshit and I’m happy majority of us can see through the leftist jew sponsored propaganda. Satanic tripe.

    Fuck Hollyjew. We know exactly who you are and what you are. We know the jew sexual assault is a cover up for what you’re really doing. CHILDREN. You are all satanic paedophile child killers and in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST your followers will wake up to the truth. Amen.


  315. Horatio KJV Bible

    More feminist garbage. This is what killed Star Wars, Star Trek, Ghost Busters, Atomic blonde and the rest of this synagogue of satan jew propaganda.

    This shit is deliberate. Role reversal. Men are women and women are “men”. Brainwashing bullshit and I’m happy majority of us can see through the leftist jew sponsored propaganda. Satanic tripe.

    Fuck Hollyjew. We know exactly who you are and what you are. We know the jew sexual assault is a cover up for what you’re really doing. CHILDREN. You are all satanic paedophile child killers and in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST your followers will wake up to the truth. Amen.


  316. Alejandro Escobar

    “A female version of one of the greatest films ever?!?! The feminists are taking over!!!” – (straight male) adult virgin 🤷🏼‍♂️

  317. choosenow

    I can’t believe no one has commented on Awkwafina being in this, which that plus Rihanna automatically makes this worthwhile, no matter how by the books it seems

  318. Brandy Broadus


  319. Najee Fareed

    The movie isn’t being heavy handed with the fact they’re all women the same way Oceans 11 wasn’t heavy handed cuz they were all men. Which the clooney, Damon, and Pitt version was a remake. So if you have an issue with this remake just because they’re female, you’re exposing yourself. Dont give me the “why change an existing franchise” bullshit cuz if they did another all male reboot you wouldn’t Care.

  320. Sasha Sasha

    Reboot ideas for Hollywood with whomens:
    1. Full Metal Jacket
    2. 12 angry men (call it 12 angry women)
    3. Goofellas (Goodgirls or some shit)
    4. Drive
    5. Superbad
    6. Gladiator
    7. Drunken Master
    8. The Godfather (Sofia Copolla as a director)
    9. Mission Impossible
    10. Indiana Jones

  321. nacho Chalupa

    As much as you hate them do you know who spends the most money going to movies with their families, friends, and dates? Straight white men. You know who spends very little going to see movies? Feminists, fags, dykes, and brown people. You know who this movie doesn’t appeal to? The one who spends all the money at the movies. This is going to be just as successful as Menstrualbusters 👍🏻

  322. Jake Cyrus

    Ugh everyone’s negatives comments 😒😒. It looks good to me

  323. Joshua Nathaniel

    How to trigger a man: make a movie with women in it.

  324. Daniel Alvarez

    So this is the feminist version of a movie?

  325. La Gran Banana

    You ruined the film

  326. shooter4hire shooter4hire

    I like Sandra bullock but this is going to suck

  327. Pravus Prime

    *kif kroker sigh* This is why Chinese investors aren’t going to give you unlimited funds to make bland movies. You have done literally nothing to tell a good story, gender isn’t a story!

  328. The Interjew

    Cultural Appropriation

  329. Alexander Angelus

    Good to see they learned their lesson with Ghostbusters…

  330. Nik110512

    Why tie this to an Ocean franchise? Why not make a bad ass female heist? I’d watch that.
    (Sigh) it’s time to go watch Salt again

  331. Nick Benrhardt

    I’m so excited to not spend $14 on a ticket to see this movie.

  332. missusparsons

    Looks fun to me. What’s with all the whining? I love original screenplays *and* the expansions of a franchise. We can have both.

  333. hansen gretel

    Is this a comedy movie ?

  334. hansen gretel

    Was waiting for clooney or brad to appear.

  335. auxilliarydrain

    Waaah…they taken way all muh moovies and makin them SJW…Must go on OPENING NIGHT and sit with a MAD SCOWL and ARMS CROSSED… just like I did that Ghostbusters movie and the last THREE Star Wars movies.

  336. Monolucas

    Terrible, has nothing of the charm like the originals, music editing charisma. Absolutely terrible.

  337. ancient mami

    I smell a trilogy and renewal of contracts. God forbid.

  338. Kevin K

    Shit, a comedy routine by John Mulaney turned into one of the worst movies of the year!

  339. Axel Werner

    WOW!!! How low can Hollywood go??

  340. Paper Please

    Of course theres an asian and an indian on he group, stop shoving it down our throat hollywood

  341. James Maradiaga

    lol!! Fucking Patrice O’Neal predicted this 10 years ago, holy shit he was a genius.

  342. Shovan Acharjee

    very good

  343. jay kemicols

    i really really reallllllly hope they don’t fuck this up. it looks like such an amazing movie

  344. Xymothan

    Dudes in here blaming women for this when the producer and two directors are dudes themselves…(that took you know, 10 seconds to google that stuff) like it’s one thing to just hate women (which is what you folks are doing most of the time) and just not be interested in a film, if your not interested, don’t get involved. I want more original films with leading women’s roles rather than reboots and sequels admittedly, but considering the state of media I would rather have this content than not have it, if you get me. If not meh, do something more worthwhile with your time, like educating yourself about the socio-political movements you blame rather than being offended with a film with the main roles being filled with ladies.

  345. Really? Right in front of my salad?

    The internet is so narcissistic at this point it‘s not even funny anymore…

  346. Daniel Vallejo Gomez

    This movie will be as big of a flop as the Ghostbusters. Again, Hollywood attempting to cash in on a known franchise by giving it a ‘twist’ and including an all female cast. Don’t get me wrong, by all means make meaningful movies with all female casts! But stop embarrassing yourselves with refried garbage like this.

  347. James Maradiaga

    The new ghostbusters anyone?

  348. Carly Fernandez

    This looks like a potato

  349. P.A.Desai

    The all women thing aside, it does seem pretty funny and interesting, which wasn’t something I thought after watching the ghostbusters trailer.

  350. Elaine Li

    the whole comment section is just butt hurt men

  351. ancient mami

    Sucks assssss

  352. Meimou

    A black female hacker? Played by Rihanna? No thanks

  353. Blac Stone بلاك ستون



  354. metalgate1979

    Holy SJW feminist propaganda bullshit, Batman.

  355. Musmer Abdulrehman

    There was no reason to make this

  356. lolimcarolina

    Men are so whiny omg this comment section is littered with complaining men. Anyways I can’t wait to see this movie it looks so amazing!! ☺️

  357. Michelle Elmore

    Why didn’t they get Lucy Liu? Added eva Mendez mix it up a little better

  358. drumgig

    So this is the same as Ocean’s 11 except with female lead characters? Because feminism? Nice. Won’t be seeing.

  359. Lord Horn

    We all know what’s coming. Critics pissing themselves over each other about how “wonderful” this movie is because it has a group of vaginas. And the media “influencing” you about how YOU are not a social fit or a good person, if you cannot accept women in lead (never mind that the movie is boring a f**k)

  360. Queen Rusudani

    Sweet sweet music ⬇

  361. UnrdaDox Sounds

    So a quirky female version of oceans 11? Huh… Not sure if I like or hate this idea..

  362. Algin Bekoy

    subs my cheanel

  363. Kiergard

    You had me until rihanna showed up.
    Thanks but no thanks.

  364. sam

    women are worthless unless they are naked

  365. DaMaThaFakinMan


  366. Sarthak Pattanaik Das

    isnt this ensemble alone enough reason to watch this film? i aint missing it by any chance….no no

  367. Nick

    Indiana Jane and the last pussade

  368. Lord Horn

    Ugh! Sandra Bullock looks too dumb to play the smart leader. She just doesn’t have the persona or the acting chops to show it. Besides…in the FIRST SCENE, she looks like she went under the knife and a lot of BOTOX shots in a REAL life… Incredibly boring.

  369. RealDeal441

    And Hollywood continues to fail to generate any new ideas, concepts or story telling. No more good writers or producers. Just keep recycling the same thing and hope it breaks even financially. And yes instead of the rat pack or clooney and co. Now we are in the 21st century and so it’s time for equality: get an all female cast. Women can be as entertaining thieves as men! Yeah yeah I get it. But am NOT going to be watching this movie. Sorry.

  370. Amenhotep Pimpernel III

    I can’t wait .

  371. rrpjdisc

    Ugh, why does this have to have Helena Carter.

  372. Weasel699

    Is this gonna be a 3 movie set and will it have any run in with 11?

  373. Richard Harrison

    Looks terrible wow hope im wrong but man looks awful

  374. Horror Lost Places

    Das langweilig ich mach echte Filme über echte Dämonen und Geister meldet euch bei mir WB wenn ihr zusammen ein Film produzieren wollt.

  375. Andrew

    anything with rihanna in it is bad

  376. The Teller Show

    I’m hoping this is good, I loved Ocean’s 11 and I love heist movies, so WANT this to be good… but the trailer feels so… slooow, it’s like it never picks up… PLEASE LET THE MOVIE BE AT LEAST HALF DECENT…

  377. K-rex

    Is that Thorin? Damn it Thorin what did we say about your jewels and shiny stuff obsession!

  378. Zidan Tech

    Am I in a Nightmare? God I hope So

  379. Cuythulu

    Yeah cause this worked so well for ghostbusters…

  380. Nick O

    Does anyone seriously believe in real life a group of women could do this? I sure don’t. Stop reinventing men’s roles with women in them!

    1. sam

      the only thing women are good for is their holes for penetrating

  381. korpyx

    how about an original idea for movie with mainly female cast?? I think women deserve more than leftovers.

  382. 19HajimeSaitou91


  383. shadowwalker chellios

    Does it have to be that comedic?

  384. Don’t read my profile picture

    Don’t read my profile picture!

  385. Claire Poole

    And Hollywood keeps wondering why nobody goes to watch movies anymore…


    ☻/ This is bob. Copy and paste him so he can take over youtube.

  387. Eli Martin

    Its probably going to blow ass just like Ghostbusters.

  388. Gary North

    Check out this online raffle site

  389. Hope not Hate

    What a crock of feminist, SJW shyte

  390. Noko Mehale

    Looks like 1 of the top ten movies of 2018

  391. watford777

    Movie with only women…. ugh fuck that. Bai

  392. Nan Lin

    Looks boring and pretentious

  393. flying pigs_are_cool

    Do they have to RUIN all good movies FIRST GHOST BUSTERS NOW THIS!!!

    1. sam

      that’s what happens when you let females have rights.

  394. YeeeewHawwwww

    This will be another woman Ghostbusters flop!

  395. Brandon Davis

    Why must they ruin classics smh

  396. victor an

    All I want to say is the BGM is amazing

  397. Gamingfor 360

    Spoiler alert

  398. S B

    Stop acting like the Ocean franchise is some kind of holy relic. It is not as though the old movies go away. It is not as though they could never make another Oceans movie with an all male cast. It isn’t as though the heist movie hasn’t been done a million ways before Ocean’s 11 even took up the task. Anyone that says ‘why do they have to hijack our thing?’ is sexist, plain and simple. Thinking that ‘women in traditionally male roles’ is not just ‘women playing traditionally male roles’ but ‘hijacking’ …. please look at yourself.

  399. ChyloeReece

    Too bad Rihanna’s in it.. fur wearing piece of shit. I won’t be watching.

  400. Rebecca Rodriguez

    Seeing some comments about how the trilogy was the original. I would like to offer some clarifying information. The original Ocean’s 11 came out in 1960, starring Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Samuel Davis Jr and other actors. The Ocean’s 11 starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and other actors came out in 2001. The original, in 1960, had no sequels. The sequels that followed the 2001 version were based on the 2001 version. The trilogy is not the original. In any case, I am looking forward to this version. Have a nice day.

  401. KING WILLY!


  402. AlphaflyINXS

    This could actually be something!

  403. captain-special

    So when do we get an all female Saving Private Ryan?

  404. Japanese battleship Kongō

    feminist garbage

  405. Ewan Campbell

    Ocean man

  406. Alfredo C

    Reminder that switching genders on an old story (and casting shitty comedians) didn’t start with Feminists: *CINDERFELLA* 

  407. Dan C

    Looks like everything is getting the Ghostbusters treatment now.

  408. akes nov

    Dishwashers should not have been invented.

    1. sam

      giving the whores the right to vote should never have happened.

  409. BTheShaman

    What’s happened to our society.

  410. BTheShaman

    Oceans 8. How much plastic surgery can we fit into a human face

  411. BTheShaman

    This movie better be called oceans 8. All the women look like fish with their blown up lips and filled up cheeks

  412. BTheShaman

    Hey Mom. Why does Sandra Bullock look like a goldfish. Because she lives in Hollywood and she has no self-esteem

  413. BTheShaman

    What do they do to their faces they look like circus clowns. These women now have a image disease

  414. BTheShaman


  415. StevieG 0v0

    I hope this isn’t another Ghostbusters

  416. Jesus Esparza

    It’s gonna flop

  417. Killer Queen

    Ocean’s 11 was a remake from a 1960’s movie and nobody cared but now that Ocean’s 8 is a remake starring WOMEN everybody starts crying lmao

  418. Eldin Ćatović

    Ghost Busters all over again

  419. Footde Coulde

    Would of been better if they had teamed up with the old cast

  420. Jesse Eliasen

    It seems like the exact rip off of the man version but the man version I think they did it better with Julia Roberts and honestly it would have been a better movie if Julia Roberts was the same character doing the same thing as her boyfriend did that would make this movie better the fact that Mindy and Rihanna are in this stupid movie make this ridiculous Rihanna’s not cool and The Mindy Project was definitely a loser show

  421. Robbies Vlogs

    They could possibly learn from ghostbusters and it’ll be good.

  422. Eliane Bowden

    Guess I’m the only one excited for this? Well I am 🙂

  423. Nich dein Ernst

    I like Nancy Sinatra

  424. Jive Wire

    Great job Hollywood, now remake Gladiator replacing Russell Crowe with Rebel Wilson!

  425. Amit Mishra

    I came here to take a break after watching the Sicario 2 trailer for an hour straight. I cut the break short.

  426. Autismos

    8? Are there 7 other movies like this?

  427. Vanetria Brooks

    looking to make extra cash check it out

  428. cold monkey

    Oh please just fuck off

  429. Kyle Clement

    I’m guessing they’re calling it Oceans 8 because they’re leaving Room for the sequels. Oceans 9, and oceans 10.
    That’s pretty high expectations from the studio.

  430. MoB

    First ghostbusters now oceans 11

  431. A delrey

    cate blanchett never age she’s gorgeous

  432. Sp00nRX78

    Looks awful like everything else. I have to hate it cause I’m jaded

  433. Frida's Harmonizer

    All the butthurt men in the comments can’t handle this it’s HILARIOUS 😂

  434. Kek Vult

    Feminism is CANCER

  435. James Pauliny

    Aren’t the all Ocean movies called “Ocean” because of Danny Ocean? Also this movie feels like it casts only women for the sake of only casting women. The reason the original and remakes had all male casts is because of an overwhelming majority of heists being committed by males (based on bank heist stats of 2016 by FBI: 92% male vs 8% female).

  436. monkey220ms

    -replace star wars main character with female
    -replace ghost busters with female characters
    -replace ocean series with female characters
    Why not just make original movies featuring women like superwoman, instead of just stuffing women into whatever roles men used to play?

    1. Less of a mess

      These characters aren’t women playing men’s roles – they’re women playing women’s roles in franchises that used to prominently feature men. Entertainment is an ever evolving beast.

    2. Dead ass B

      ren So because you’re not in the movie industry you can’t criticize or critique movies?? Lmao you’re so retarded

    3. Dead ass B

      monkey220ms They didn’t replace the main character of StarWars with a woman, it’s a new character and a different story line, just in the StarWars universe. I’m fine with that

    4. HypnoGaming

      +monkey220ms agreed. Wonder Woman was good because it was an original story with a lead role woman. However the Ghostbusters remake flopped and Ocean’s 8 will too.

    5. M

      ren Yes he does, you dumb ass bitch.

  437. bkny ny

    This doesn’t look interesting at all. Sorry…

  438. Pat Tanackered

    Remakes, reboots and Comic book movies. Think I’m done with Hollywood movies as they are definitely out of original ideas

  439. Meka Achilles

    Watch them pigs bitching in the comments

  440. king android

    Download this beautiful game with ios

  441. J.M. POOL

    This is become such a cliche already that it’s killing a genre of great movies that are already established ….I wish Hollywood writers would come up with something original for once.

  442. Sismeo

    Well, I still have to watch Ghostbusters before watching this…so, I manna wait.

  443. Draco Vids

    June 8th is my bday

  444. Heisen Berg

    Anne “my shit dont stink” Hathaway sucks ass.

  445. Robyn Highart

    Wow, all of them born female. Disgusting intolerance towards the BLT communiteh

  446. ArArArchStanton -

    Because it’s women, sooooooooo jewelry.

  447. ml george


  448. MlunguX

    Might be good…Might be bad – It makes no difference to me…

  449. ArArArchStanton -

    A sad example of what women think hip humor is but not quite getting it.  I didn’t even big to smile at any of this.  What was supposed to be funny?

  450. M.A.A Pratama

    Sandra Bullock. Yes!

  451. Wylie Coyote

    In the third act, they get thwarted by the line to the bathroom.

  452. k1vg Yonny

    Like & sub, I will do so in return. Please
    comment ‘done’ here. Thank you

  453. I hate T.S

    Sarah Paulson from AHS!

  454. Tito Monroe

    Once this movie comes out I will go see it. Then I will come back to this post with a full review. So far I think it’s going to be a poor try from the original. If it tied into the series with Julia Roberts or Catherine Zeta-Jones I would give it the benefit of the doubt. At least spinoff. It looks like a remake with a different storyline.

  455. Brandon byrd

    I’m still waiting on 27 Tuxes!

  456. Mikhail Zaytsev

    Enough of this feminist fuckery. Ghostbusters, The Last Jedi, Ocean’s 8… please, stop!

    1. sam

      women will never stop so long as we make them think they have rights.

  457. nolanception

    all the virgin men in the comments crying about a female cast lmao

  458. Christopher Walken

    Why can’t we have original stories? Just because I don’t like the film doesn’t mean I’m a sexist, it’s because the story is generic. Where’s the originality, the creativity?

    1. Christopher Walken

      sam Okay dude you went a little too far. Damn, wasn’t expecting that response.

    2. sam

      women are incapable of being creative. they’re all whores. they should be treated like whores. tie them up and force their legs apart so they serve men properly. it’s all they’re good for.

  459. Shane McCallum

    I’m willing to try it

  460. Poli 8

    Where’s ocean

  461. Radely Logan

    Next up it’ll be “last period” instead of “last vegas”

  462. Jendrik Schole

    I am not interested.

  463. Radely Logan

    I read about this a year ago and they fucked up the casting sooo much I thought it was gonna be more bullock style strong women but Rihanna and awfuckina and mindy? Whatever the fuck her name is lol my guess it’s gonna be decent but cheap… why can’t it be Charlize Theron, bullock, blanchett, queen Latifa, Nicole Kidman, any number of actual good actresses I mean Christ Rihanna’s part in valerian was the most cringey shit I’ve seen in a long time.

  464. Jackson Whitfield

    Thank you Hollywood for ruining an actually good series of movies with your feministic bullshit agenda… I can’t wait to watch this movie TANK in the box office

  465. Jesse_Jane306

    I am here for it!

  466. afroironknight

    This actually looked good until until I saw James Corden. Ugh!

  467. Chris Beck

    Will not be watching this pile of steaming dog shit

  468. MAD BUDDHA troy

    waiting for hollywood to reboot rocky with a woman

    1. M.K.D.

      *How about they make chef with women?*

    2. Dennis Lai 290

      MAD BUDDHA troy how about Gone Girl, but with a man. Remaking Desi’s death scene would be interesting.

    3. PPXK


  469. Joey Blank

    the best part of this movie will be the fact that It will be cheaper due to the fact that the actresses will only need to be paied 70% of what the actors from oceans 11

  470. Mario Aroca Páez

    Ghostbusters 2?

  471. M. T.

    No one wants to see these multi-kulti cunts !

    1. sam

      i’d like to see them naked and bent over

  472. Rohan Sharma

    Who is Awkafina here?

  473. Paul

    NEWSFLASH: Almost everything hollywood does is shallow and profit driven and will piggy back off of current social issues. Don’t let the millionaires who run hollywood convince you that they care deeply about the equality of women, they made this movie to sell tickets.

    1. sam

      harvey weinstein had them all put in their place, now they have a false sense of importance. sexual slavery should come back for these bitches.

  474. Bravo17

    At this rate I’m pretty sure we’ll get a female version of rush hour too

  475. Fatty McPoopytits

    When are these old broads going to lez out?

  476. Scott K

    Where do they find the time to plan a heist? Won’t the pies burn?

    1. sam

      that stereotype is wrong. women can’t cook. everyone knows the best chefs are all men. women are only good for their holes.

  477. welicatiga

    Jfc, these comments are so generic. The cast is amazing and I would love to see this movie. Not because it’s “female leads,” but because it features a lot of my favorite actresses altogether. This world is full of so much hatred and just this comment section alone is proof.

  478. Blacktanhuskey

    looks alright maybe following a little to many hollywood tropes but prolly worth a watch the female directive isnt that big of a deal but its just kind of annoying because they are just recycling what men have already done and shoving it down our throats why not make a new movie with a female cast something interesting that also follows a realistic female narrative instead of copying what men have already done. obviously women can still be criminals but it would just be nice to see some real female criminals not just “FEMALES CAN DO ANYTHING MEN CAN DO” type shit have a realistic backround giving good reasons why they would choose this kind of criminal activity over ones more common for women. just my thoughts im eager to see more women in hollywood just not like this. and aside from that movies that wish to keep things accurate should be able to do so without backlash but they need to explain why they do so maybe if there is a movie about a group of white men in the 50’s it shows actual racism towards minorities instead of just ignoring it like most do.

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