Lil Peep & XXXTENTACION – Falling Down

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“Falling Down” out now


Come let’s watch the rain as it’s falling down
Sunlight on your skin when I’m not around
Shit don’t feel the same when you’re out of town
Come let’s watch the rain as it’s falling down
Come let’s watch the rain as it’s falling down
Sunlight on your skin when I’m not around
Shit don’t feel the same when you’re out of town
Come let’s watch the rain as it’s falling down
Rain keeps falling, tears keep falling
Rain keeps falling, tears keep falling
Darling, your love is like walking a bed of nails
And I just can’t keep on fine
Oh oh oh
Come let’s watch the rain as it’s falling down
Sunlight on your skin when I’m not around
Shit don’t feel the same when you’re out of town
Come let’s watch the rain as it’s falling down
Darling, your love is like walking a bed of nails
And I just can’t keep on fine
Oh oh oh 
Come let’s watch the rain as it’s falling down
Sunlight on your skin when I’m not around
Shit don’t feel the same when you’re out of town
Come, let’s watch the rain as it’s falling down

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3,000 Thoughts to “Lil Peep & XXXTENTACION – Falling Down”

  1. xXGacha DanicaXx

    R.I.P ❌. 😇

  2. Basic Bleach

    I remember Peep and ILoveMakonnen writing this similar song, called “sunlight on your skin.” But, it was unreleased. And to hear it be remade by X and Peep, has me in fucking tears. When I heard it was going to be released Wednesday morning, I was sister sobbing. They’re parents must be so proud of them to be #1 on trending. If only peep and X could see how far they’ve come. Legends never die. 💔

  3. Outoff -


  4. CooBenGuy

    I think this is insane let’s make it got number one

  5. Andréas

    Les français manifestez vous !
    Les légendes ne meurent jamais

  6. xImFabo TheRealFxbo


  7. 50 subs With no videos

    “Shit don’t feel the same when your out of town”
    It sure doesn’t :,(

  8. RML Ralf

    peep voice is amazing

  9. lalsaksjdhfggggs

    Alive through music ty

  10. lmUnicorn -


  11. Lime Coconut

    I guess I’m the only one that’s not on the dead rapper bandwagon because I fucking hated these two and just because they die doesn’t mean their music is good 🤷‍♂️

  12. Harambe

    This is a legendary collab💔

  13. JVTandel

    Wish they were still here to see this 😢

  14. Cole Jandreau

    Here before ten million

  15. Naruto Uzumaki

    Before 100 million views

  16. FromDayUni

    Damn if this isn’t proof of heaven then I don’t know what

  17. Famous _Meme

    ( • – • )~🖤

  18. Erick Valladares

    Imagine 30 years from now telling your kids that this song was made by these two guys after they both died 😱Fuck X they fucked up by releasig this song lil peep never liked X anyway. RIP Peep

  19. Harambe

    0 alive 😭
    1 song 🔥
    2 legends 👑
    3 minutes😥
    4 hearts for them 🧡🧡❤️❤️

  20. Cole Schneider

    1 in Canada

  21. Lemon Juice

    Listening to this music while watching the raindrops from my window..

  22. Xxxxbest Yooo


  23. Kaylie Warner

    My babies omg i love both f them with all of my heart……R.i.p legends…..

  24. Dylannn23



    He change my life in brain

  26. Santos Colon

    Whoever the FUCK disliked this can suck my dick

  27. William Grant

    Rip they where to young to die it was not fair at all only if they saw this RIP XXXTENTOCION AND lil peep 🙁

  28. John Peña

    This song is trash. Like if you agree

  29. Marwan

    Xxx tentación BEST music

  30. Grant Bowler


  31. illudes

    this is good when are you guys dropping a second song together

  32. fans haydens

    Rip peep and x 😪😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  33. Christian Araujo


  34. flatWRLD ;

    I’m not going through anything like this right now but it sure has me feeling like it both of them were so influential and they could make you feel any emotion

  35. Rafael Pérez

    Two legends that all Will remember 💔💔


    My eyes are tearing up right now….
    I miss these legends




    X wanted to say that you do not know what the other person is like until you lose it and intrigue you start to see how it was and you realize that they consider in many things and that I could have been very good friends if I had known before I died

  39. Cool Bunny

    Eh. . .They could do better :/

  40. FaZe James

    R.i.p X and lil peep. 😭💔

  41. Libraz

    Lets watch the rain as its falling down shall we?

  42. NIRKUS

    CMAO! – Crying my ass off.
    COL – Crying out loud.
    continue guys.. ♥

  43. pennywise is fake

    “When people die, that is what real life is …. and the hordes kinda make you check them out…”

  44. Sergio Gonzalezvillar

    this shit make me cry

  45. VEGETA Prince of Saiyans.

    You have the Prince Of Saiyans in there feelings. Tch damnit…

  46. Markos XD

    Pinche canción vergas, me puso los pelos de punta xd

  47. Rage God

    R.I.P these two legends😭😭😭

  48. Arlis Tutivén Z :v

    #1 en tendencias en Ecuador 💥🤘

  49. Eduardo Vasquez

    Why does it feel like this song would be featured in need for speed sound track . 🙏❤️🔥

  50. Antonia Lopez Lopez

    Medias negras

  51. LilTortu

    Alguien español :'(?

  52. Cole Schneider

    Rip 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  53. Windy Prime

    i’ve never been a fan of them but just listening to their music and knowing their gone. breaks my heart.💔

  54. Enzo Eberhadt

    Man pq man pq eles se foram tão cedo

  55. Sebastian Navarrete


  56. Liquid WooKz

    Damn this world is just so weird nowadays stop the HATE and be POSITIVE R.I.P Young Legends

  57. Adrian angel Hernandez

    Im fucking crying

  58. darkness your old friend

    Rest in Peace to these two legends

  59. East Atrakion


  60. IanPlays1

    Literally in tears rn

  61. Daniel Fly

    I love this song <3

  62. Ethan Denis

    Dead but not forgotten

  63. Взрослый Ребёнок

    Lil peep🥀

  64. K9 Boa

    played at 1.25 speed is just so smooth

  65. Fina Nava

    I though x ded

  66. Stebano RM

    How is this posible?

  67. Chamari Shiver II

    Rip🙏🏾💯hard listening to two deceased like they still here

  68. Kiara Kovach

    funny how youtube does it’s best to keep X out of my recommends and searches despite listening to him all the time and as soon as it’s noteworthy or money gets involved from a potential big video like this, they decide to put it one on trending hmm

  69. Its vRTH

    This is so sad that this talent is gone. Legends died in the making 🖤

  70. qiaolian lei


  71. CrazySpeed

    Can’t believe people have disliked this

  72. Kendrick Lamar

    remix with mac

  73. Fabio Amaral

    that’s the best music i ever heard!
    yesterday i listened and was 3m viewers, and today is 7m, LET’S MAKE THIS SONG GO TO THE TOP!

  74. ImTiiago_

    No lei ni un comentario, pero seguro esta lleno de pelotudos diciendo “Rip x” “Rip peep”

  75. If Oof

    #1 trending for USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸👀👀


    Ok who tf unliked imma bouta kidnap them and put this 10000 volume 😤😑💔💔

  77. Junior Sanchez

    More of thos

  78. So Fly Entertainment

    I had no idea they were working on a project before they both passed away, this is so sad that they aren’t able to make more 😢

  79. lv Cruisin vl

    Yo xxxtentacion commented on my latest video thanks!!!!

  80. Manuel Cortes

    Best like rate 90/100 people liked this video

  81. SC iCarlos10


  82. Qwzark YT

    0:07 “Lets do that song for Peep” -X. This breaks my heart. 💔

  83. waterbluegamer

    So sad but inspirational I love you x I started getting into your music when you passed I feel like crap every day but you bring me up a d help me get through my day love you and hope you it r in a good place.

  84. TURTLE-C4

    they died so young ;(

  85. BeatlezYT

    Rip lil peep and xxx they will live on 🙁 😭😭😥😥😥😥

  86. Impress Vital

    Now it’s #1 on trending… Took long enough

  87. Donald Trump

    Esto es tan hermoso♡

  88. kimbo slice

    Everyone this song weird cuzz it came out while a hurricane and x saying rain keeps falling just keeps falling like = prayer

  89. Sam Jonker

    Why them? WHY??

  90. Forbidden Fruit

    #1 TRENDING!!!

  91. Unknown Player23

    Legends 🙏🏼

  92. Yuuki kido

    Música foda ‘-‘

  93. arweiner hammy

    how can you dislike this

  94. Taehyung Trash

    No words 😭 R.I.P
    Lil Peep

  95. Toast

    #1 On trending. Good.

  96. Sanngriðr

    Hell, i miss peep

  97. lv Cruisin vl

    Sad. Both dead. Falling Down.
    Wipe my tears please.

  98. Kevin Bernal

    And even from beyond the grave both these guys making hits they never fail to amaze me 💯

  99. I am your server

    That little crack in jahs voice is fucking beautiful, like if you agree 💔😞

  100. Rory

    I never was really into their music but ngl this shit good 🎶

  101. Drizzle8bp

    Don’t do drugs kids

  102. SeeEmPunk

    Absolute garbage lmao.

  103. sxpernovaa

    you know that feeling when you can’t believe they’re dead.

  104. Selin

    😭😭 your 5 emoji is your reaction me:😑

  105. Nikitorso


  106. Curtis Roth

    Music video maybe one with the actually people who sung it

  107. Jacob Arredondo

    its good to hear their voices one more time

  108. supreme fdg

    worst song ever smh what a disgrace

  109. Samanthaness :D

    *Both are true legends..RIP XX*

  110. Tevo Walder

    Assim você me quebra Lil Peep, fica difícil até de se recompor com essa música. Xxxtentacion faz parte de mim pra sempre 😢

  111. ThiccNobushi

    This just hurts to hear man, I miss them so much😥

  112. Zorana Kikanovic

    I’m fucking crying😭😭😭😭

  113. Riptide235

    Song of the year calling it rn

  114. Parker Jones

    In my opinion X is still alive I do t care if there are papers for his funeral o have I see him dead or I don’t believe any word out of somebody’s fucking mouth RIP

  115. Jada Mia

    Rip young legends

  116. 50 subs With no videos

    These legends are still on trending even tho they ain’t here.

  117. Hayden Heitter

    great song great artist just idk if they would want this?

  118. Kevin G.Ramirez

    No ya te habías muerto alv.

  119. Aaron Hope

    I did half a xan, 13 hours till I land
    Had me out like a light (l i k e a l i g h t)

  120. Sydney TheDerpyCactus

    I’m totally not crying…

  121. Jack Grace



    “Lost but never forgotten”

  122. gwahh

    x’s part is good but i never like lil peeps music

  123. CrazySpeed

    RIP X

  124. Who ?

    The legends speak through their music

  125. Rust on

    *I love Jaseh, but didn’t listen to* *Gustav, but we need to start* *accepting that they’re gone or*
    *you will never get over them. You*
    *can always tell who the fake*
    *fans are because they write*
    *some shit about how they aren’t*
    *gone until they’re gone. I had a*
    *friend who went through*
    *some shit which I won’t talk*
    *about, but X helped in and when*
    *X died loads of people spoke*
    *about how he was still alive*
    *and check my story or, like*
    *my comment for X to come*
    *back, we need to respect them*
    *not use their deaths for our*
    *outcome or sake. My friend*
    *never did that, and while they’re*
    *dead and I understand that you*
    *are being thoughtful, but please*
    *think before you type and*
    *respect them for what they have*
    *done. A true fan would never do*
    *that so if you say you’re a true*
    *fan of either X or Peep think*
    *before you comment*
    *RIP X & Peep🙏🏽💔*

  126. Matteus-_-stifler blunt


  127. YamiScar24 xD


  128. isaac wong

    All legends die in the making

  129. rose scent breeze

    wait how this happen

  130. Mya Mccoy!!!

    I love this songgg

  131. Kakashi Hatake

    Are you happy Illuminati? Smh…

  132. Manuel Cortes

    Please make this song reach views

  133. Deana Sophia


  134. Zorana Kikanovic


  135. Oof Bleach

    How Dey do dat

  136. Shrxzys

    rip gustav ahr 11-15-17 💔🤧

  137. Aldhair Escobar

    R.I.P leyends <3

  138. Juan Oliva

    ╥﹏╥ me right now

  139. 50 subs With no videos

    I’m fucking crying my ass off rn

  140. Josue Gomez

    Legends came back to love hallelujah🙌🙌😭😭

  141. Zac Titmuss

    Holy fuck probably the best song ive ever heard

  142. h.açaí frolic king rester kireikirei piro


  143. crusty chicken nugget

    Well I went to the grave and somebody was selling Merch tf?

  144. Jennifer Kelly

    I was here before 32k like if u was two

  145. Donnivin Clouse Official

    Y’all never went anywhere

  146. ComicPandora

    *CAn wE gET a RiP iN The ChaT?*

  147. ζ͜͡Supreme Clutch

    😢😢 Rest In Peace

  148. b i t c h

    Rip lil peep fuck x for being his pregnant wife and leaving her blind

  149. Sebastian moy 4 life Name: Beatriz

    I’m gonna cry😭

  150. Star Blade

    2 people we lost

  151. Jillian Berube


  152. vale sachet

    Two legends in one song

  153. Jodeci Nparis

    Rip lil peep and xxxtentacion 😢💛

  154. Qwzark YT

    Going out with one last banger ❤


  155. Fidel Eduardo Garcia Gomez


  156. xGui15__



    Showed this to my Dog

    Know I’m the Dog

  158. Nashid Barrett

    This song must get billboards

  159. Danaka's art and stuff

    Can this get as many views as despacito

  160. itzz _Diana

    OMG I luv dis songg😪 R.I.P xxxtentacion❤️ and lil peep❤️

  161. diego v:

    esto es completamente PERFECTO ❤ :’3 ojalá estuviesen vivos :’c

  162. vale sachet

    Falling down … lil peep and xxx forever in my heart ….rest in peace

  163. Edubbs

    I’m not sad I’m just glad I got to discover how much talent these people have

  164. Alma Rodriguez

    You will always be remembered and you will always be in our heart’s XXXTENTAION

  165. the following of death

    X sounds a legendary in us

  166. TurtleSquaad

    Miss X 💔

  167. Chipper McManus

    I never even knew em but I’d give nearly anything to have them back

  168. A.F.F

    What if they both still alive???????

  169. Outlaws

    This shit sucks

  170. Skillua

    Remember, they’re not dead until they are forgotten

  171. Johnathan Blanc

    Legends NEVER Die❤️😩

  172. Deana Sophia

    I’d bring back peep back over x but x has a kid on way so wish both but peep hurts me more

  173. Skylar Laskowski

    It feels like u guys never died. R.i.p Peep and XXX😔😔🙏🙏❤❤

  174. Razer Tm

    WTF lil peep alive ?

  175. Good Vibes

    Good people always die 🕊❤️😭

  176. nessmesshoe

    Everything about this is video is perfect 🖤

  177. Brees's Life

    my two angels💖🤞😥

  178. Sebastian moy 4 life Name: Beatriz

    Omggg what #1 trending😭 I can’t believe it

  179. Miss Nisee


  180. JimBob SquarePants

    Lyrics… Rest In Peace to these legends🖤

    Come, let’s watch the rain as it’s falling down
    Now let’s do this one for Peep
    Sunlight on your skin when I’m not around
    Shit don’t feel the same when you’re out of town
    So come, let’s watch the rain as it’s falling down, yeah

    Come, let’s watch the rain as it’s falling down
    Sunlight on your skin when I’m not around
    Shit don’t feel the same when you’re out of town
    Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
    So come, let’s watch the rain as it’s falling down
    Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh

    Rain keeps falling, tears keep falling
    Rain keeps falling, tears keep falling
    Darling, your love is like walking a bed of nails
    And I just can’t keep on fighting

    Come, let’s watch the rain as it’s falling down
    Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
    Sunlight on your skin when I’m not around, yeah
    Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
    Shit don’t feel the same when you’re out of town
    Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
    So come, let’s watch the rain as it’s falling down
    Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh

  181. Uma pessoa que tem bom gosto

    best song always, my boys love much ❤❤❤

  182. Alex Blaine

    They just came back to life to see me crying for this song

  183. Swagdaddy 531

    Ghost writing on a new level tho

  184. Immer 88

    Legends never die🕊❤

  185. Devin Cisler

    Im confused as fuck thay both are dead but whos using lil peeps channel RIP PEEP XXX AND MAC MILLER

  186. Car Nerd

    I like them as a person and who they are but I just don’t like the music of lil peep

  187. AphmauGaming LPS

    Legend’s like them would have never assumed to die like that. There songs, voices, and music in general will never die tho. I miss them so much. Still listen to their music daily tho. For my birthday I got to go to an X concert in a few months but it would have never happenedand when he passed I would ball me eyes every night last night was the first day not crying for them.

  188. Kieran Daniels

    Ain’t xxx a homophonic women abuser why we missing him for ?

  189. saKas

    songs that relased my soul from the heaven

  190. GalaxyGamer GG

    Wow they really came back from heaven to make this song. My god, their voices together is amazing! <3

  191. breezy luke

    Only if they were here RIP xxxtentacion and lil peep Legends forever

  192. larwencja robak


  193. Scarlxrd

    😥😥💔🕊🌏 I Am Now Empty & Broken. LLJ AND PEEP… R.I.Paradise guys. This song will be on repeat forever.

  194. Chibay Lyrics Trap.-.

    Letraa !!!

  195. Chibay Lyrics Trap.-.

    Letraa !!!

  196. Chibay Lyrics Trap.-.

    Letraa !!!

  197. Darren Tabor

    Literally has like one simple 4 line verse all the rest is a repeat. Not hating but damn. No talent here, dead or not.

  198. Qwzark YT

    Shit dont feel the same now that your gone 💔

  199. Timoxx27 :D

    tending 3 in Arg

  200. Edgar Lopez

    Alv resucitó este compa 😂

  201. Pexxan

    I can feel X and Peep glaring at me from the heavens when i listen to this song. Long live X and Peep.

  202. BWAJEFE


  203. Anthony Ibarra

    This just sucks that there gone 🙁

  204. Kiety CHAN

    We never forget you Lil peep <3

  205. Mike_supersonics

    I wanna know how long this took

  206. Marcio Augusto

    Rest in peace peep and xxxtentacion 🖤🕊

  207. Alisha Pyron

    im honestly anout to c r y

  208. Juanpi Aravena

    Where is the comment that says “how they did this song if they are dead”

  209. Kawaii potato

    ( • – •)

  210. CHIPOTLE _


  211. Bob Wenier

    How the fuck can they release a new song when they’re dead

  212. Luke Ekmanis

    This song is asss people really getting emotional for two shit artists

  213. King ChaChing

    X helped me through so much it’s still hard to be believe he’s gone. This really hit close to home.

  214. Im Dantae

    Sounds like a suicide squad song, n lowkey don’t like it

  215. Dre Day

    They don’t give a shit till they’re dead…

  216. Rosana Oliveira

    Im fucking crying💔

  217. PeteGava

    R.I.P X
    R.I.P Lil Peep

  218. Nahuel Ferrari

    Como hizo la canción si esta re muerto ?

  219. Amir Assis

    No estaban muertos?

  220. Nebula

    Not a day has went by where I’ve not listened or thought about peep 🙏🏻💯

  221. Cpt Spunkey

    Damn theirs a whole bunch of bitches in these comments 😂😂

  222. FOX team

    2 legands
    1 song
    0 alive

  223. Alma Rodriguez

    It Takes more than one shot too kill a legend

  224. Hubert Kaczmarek

    #3 in the Poland. Legends never die..

  225. HMG1234

    Realistically somebody is using 2 dead artists to profit for themselves. Disrespectectful honestly. But atleast they will live on

  226. I think we ALL need to enter a name

    this song makes me so sad yet so happy. legends never die 🙏🏼🙌🏼💛

  227. Jamyla Carr

    i’m literally crying as i listen to this ☹️ can’t believe X really gone

  228. xxxtentansion is the best

    they are the best and there going to be the best for years and years

  229. Sasabvby

    I’m honestly sad looking at these comments it just hurts for them to not be ok this Earth anymore

  230. Torres 3k

    How are dead people making music tho

  231. Partyskull 22

    R.I.P cried while listening to this

  232. Ty Perdon

    Remember kids drugs will get you to #1

  233. The Leandro xd

    Holy shet


    1Like= you miss x
    1comment = you miss him

  235. Russell Zaragoza


  236. Ebrah Bruh

    Can’t forget won’t forget never forget RIP 🔳🖤🔳

  237. the cooke galleta


  238. HuskyZz

    i hope this song gets over 100m views

  239. Lukas Smith

    can i get a rip in the chat

  240. Mr. Wong_97

    Thank you Lil peep and X, rest up in your throne

  241. Elijah Friend

    I’m selling Replays

    R.I.P X
    R.I.P Lil Peep

  242. Tom Land

    liked automatically

  243. Skilled No Scope

    HellBoy and Young dagger dick😭

  244. Edubbs

    Mutherfuckin goosebumps

  245. Difruhnt

    Ever since x died ive been thinking suicide is the answer😞

  246. Axel Ivan

    1# En Guatemala :’)

  247. Cody Roeder

    Wheres the money for this going

  248. running man challenge thumbs up or thumbs down

    Not to be rude tho but how are they dead bit they just made a song vid

  249. Gabriel Ibarra

    2 leyendas juntas :(❤

  250. Kid Ray

    Xxxtentacion made some beautiful songs but I’m not feeling this one it’s to Rocky less hip hop . Rip X tho 😇

  251. 1000 Subscribers without videos

    *This song is amazing! ❤*
    *#7 in czech republic*

  252. Nerdy

    The alternative influences in them made them so unique

  253. Hector El Torrejas

    those two are not dead?

  254. Stop The Myths

    Our next generation is gonna be a bunch of suicidal fruitcakes

  255. SayMaName

    who tf dislikes this

  256. Erwin Ramos Urdiles

    la mejor cancion ctmm

  257. XXX LxRd666

    Number 2 on trending in the uk ❤️💔

  258. Sasabvby

    To the 14k people who didn’t like this you never heard real music.

  259. Airua

    tears keep falling…

  260. Swip1

    I dunno man I just don’t like lil peep…

  261. Kyushio

    Nigga this song lowkey kinda super sad.

  262. bagola

    kd os br nessa poha

  263. Cashout Jp

    Legends Never die 💯

  264. Jesus Saldaña

    Rip x and lil peep 😭

  265. Rp gameplay

    R.I.P Peep & R.I.P X🙏💔🍃

  266. Icryduringsex

    Xxxtinct LMAO

  267. Zenquixy HD

    i wish those 14k people were leaving the motorcycle dealership in x’s car instead of that nigga

  268. JustAnotherGamer11


  269. Christopher Gallegos

    Thank god these people don’t exist anymore

  270. Leena M jay

    Can’t take this 💔

  271. Rodrigo Red X

    Love this song 💖 rip p and x

  272. Clash Of Pain

    For all of you complaining that X is on this song, Art is Art and X was one of the greatest of this century

  273. Jesaan Russell

    Legends never die!!!!

  274. I AmRightHere Dude

    What’s with the trend of taking dead people’s songs and turning them into something that they probably didn’t want as the ending result?

  275. TYJAY TAJAI - Topic

    love it

  276. RT

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    Watermelons are 90% water.
    I can walk on watermelons.
    I am 90% Jesus

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    The lyrics are actually “ko lets watch the rain as its falling down”….. Makonnen and peep wrote the song together in europe, as a Peep and X fan im offended on peeps side for not even getting the lyrics correct, your feeding people wrong information, the somg was about Makonnen

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  392. Mr.Bleach Is here to help

    I asked my mom,

    Me:why do the good people always die?

    Mom:when you’re at a garden what flowers do you pick?

    Me:The good ones…


  393. Year One Meta

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  394. Susan Kutner

    RIP Peep and X – Every time I hear X’s voice my heart breaks – such a fierce warrior for freedom to be himself – I send people I know his music but all they want to do is hate on him – don’t understand him/his music. My whole family grieved the week he died – make him a little alter by the ocean on the sand with feathers, etc. (I’m an adult woman with 2 adult kids) Peep I only found out about (from my adult son) when he died – such a tender Soul – Love you both – X & Peep – hope you are limitless and free now- You were both the very best of your generation-

  395. Shαdøw开

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    -Dr Hiluluk One Piece

  444. Maria D Mendoza

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  445. i love you bwada bye hehe

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    Loser teen: LiL peep and XXXTENTACION count?
    Teacher: I said song artist not drug addicts

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  468. Adolf Hitler

    This song is ok but the only reason people like it is because they both are dead, like peep said no on cares until you are dead

  469. Zugz

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  477. Leo Martinez

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    Fuck x
    Fuck peep

  485. Astro

    Songs like this never die, nor do the legends 🙏

  486. Lukes luck

    Listing to this while it raining and its mad

  487. nota nota

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  488. Michael Carroll

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  489. Assassin_official

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    Respect to lil peep,xxx

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  496. YGC Duck

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  497. Chill Kaylee

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  499. Itz -Marm

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  501. Chinno


  502. SpongeBoob

    When X comes in his voice is so soothing man 1:10

  503. Zugz

    Shit don’t feel the 𝐒𝐚𝐦𝐞 when your out of 𝐓𝐨𝐰𝐧.

  504. ShadyJed

    This is doo doo lol

  505. _Boba City_

    Yo its been so long, i thought they were dead!



  507. Nathan McMasters

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  508. catalina rubio

    I’m heart broken 💔


    They may sing the song falling down but they are flying high

  510. Nice_car_Thx 13

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  511. RiGuy

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  512. سلارت SLART

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  525. shooterjay 312

    X and peep would of been the best duo they will be missed❤❤but they flew high and there God’s now

  526. Whiteboy Entertainment

    so sad i love x so much bro i feel like my dad died or sum

  527. lil trapgod 21


  528. 00jay 2

    2 amazing artists who went to early

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  532. Tyler Johnson

    Man I thought we were over talking about XXXtentacruel. Luckily I paused on an ad so I didn’t have to bare a minute of this garbage. You burnouts sure do have a sad taste in music.

  533. adnan mecibah

    GUYS have stopped listening to their music because you are giving them more sins

  534. Just Get It

    Half the comments are being fake saying the X and Peep were the best but when they were alive they didnt really give a shit

  535. WorldWideWeird

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  536. Kailash Pillai

    Xxx is a legend

  537. SFTF_Snip3r

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  538. Tori S

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  539. Die Hard Gamer

    Rip to the both of them

  540. Martyn 987

    Rip XXXTentacion X Lil Peep

  541. Grace k

    i started balling my eyes out when i first heard this, you two will never. ever. be forgotten thank you 💔

  542. T Andrews

    Man… When they were alive this world was way better… Now it’s just hate again. Once another rapper or singer makes a huge happy impact on the world. They will die one day then it will be hate again.. It’s like rain… It’s a life cycle…

  543. Tinnie Bites

    Wtf peep died before x was famous right?

  544. catalina rubio

    RIP 2 legends 😭

  545. Sylvia Sillemon

    Best song ever

  546. Dylan Gomez gc

    3 Months Without You Reast In Peace LEGEND💔💔

  547. Royce Johnson

    We will always remember and never forget these 2 legends. They may be gone. But legends never die! Rip XXXTENTACION. Rip Lil Peep. 🕆

  548. Im A Gamer

    Oooooh shiiiiit this is fire🔥👌

  549. Austin Ellis

    Tbh this song trash

  550. السيد المحترم

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  551. hattori shogunate


  552. David Erlenbach

    Gone too soon, rest in peace

  553. YungWeeb

    #LLJ #LLG
    r e m o r s e

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    RIP XXX! Had to make my own tribute to him, legends don’t die!

  555. AAProject

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  556. H.A.M

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  557. Tzue

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  559. Poisonous Ghoul

    Two legends leaving a masterpiece behind❤️

  560. AM4R N4NUWA


  561. AsAP LuCk

    the only good thing about x dying is that he left us one final gift a baby boy who will carry his legacy on it’s just sad peep couldn’t RIP peep and x FLY HIGH 🕊LLJ LLP

  562. I am da one

    Whoever disliked the video are dumbass that think that things fall upwards

  563. Traced Dipersio

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