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G-Eazy – No Limit REMIX ft. A$AP Rocky, Cardi B, French Montana, Juicy J, Belly

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517 Thoughts to “G-Eazy – No Limit REMIX ft. A$AP Rocky, Cardi B, French Montana, Juicy J, Belly”

  1. Princess Johns

    Please help if you can or share, thank you

  2. Mental Funeral


  3. Shoaib Ali


  4. gucci

    Like chyna did rob💀💀💀💀😩

  5. Eileen Smith

    1st of all………….. G Easy sexy as fuck

  6. DailyMail

    Who found lyrics? I didn’t

  7. venla rantanen

    sink bold seventh boost counseling commonly express instead suit.

  8. Rajveerhrl Lilloo

    ass XD

  9. international playboy

    i only came for asap

  10. jose ortiz

    1:21 that bitch threw the can on the floor hella funny !

  11. Gowther, the Goat's Sin of Lust

    g eazy gave his life savings to get all these peeps on the track

  12. David Collins

    Montanas verse should of gotten replaced by rocky

  13. Efrain Balderas

    I just lost IQ points listening to this…

  14. Duncan Hooper

    Looks cold to have ya cheeks out!

  15. Vere Beltran

    I break a bitch like chyna did rob lmao 🙂

  16. Wretzer Entertainment

    When the limit is true

  17. Inside Media Dot Com

    Remy Ma hot new video is out Wake Me Up ft. Lil Kim:

  18. Arshdeep Kaur

    For being a boy white g was lit in this

  19. Kacper

    I love american music 🔥🔥🔥 Greetings from Poland🇺🇸🇵🇱

  20. BrittneyBug Can

    Man this remix gets me fucking pumped!!! No wonder is #1 on trending! 😄

  21. PlanetNatasha

    It ain’t safe😝

  22. Male Madonna

    I’m only here for Cardi ..

  23. Mireya Baby

    NIcki Minaj who ?? Haha Cardi B 👅👅👅👅

  24. Boom Stam

    HELLO, pls give me some satoshis. I need new RAM. My Bitcoin address is:


    Follow me on IG@aj2laavish

  26. Laney Bug 96

    The original is so much better like what the hell is this 😐 French is trash but Juicy J wasn’t too bad

  27. Reju Nath


  28. BelGold

    1# on trending

  29. Crack Superman

    Dude you’re just a corny ass tool with child level lyrics. Your voice sounds like the dude from blink 182. Only trashy white bitches like your music and think you’re banging.

  30. Trvp 木

    I let my mom listen to this

    Luke Skywalker died in the last Jedi

  31. DaTeria Keitt

    Juicy j had the best part

  32. Sweet Samper

    Руские есть?????

  33. Preston Nalley

    This is lit af!🔥🔥

  34. HotShot 27

    most funniest video ever

  35. BlackRainTV

    Juicy went hard M-Town #blackrain

  36. ganaellegotfans

    1:50-2:32 will forever be my fav part😍😍😍

  37. SH!TTY

    *Clicks video*
    *Pulls down pants*

  38. Nicole Mason

    Been waiting on this

  39. Andrew Engram

    Trash, gg ff

  40. Ashley Barnes

    #1 On Trending‼️‼️‼️

  41. Shawna Crone

    Lots of unnecessary voices here …😒

  42. Abdulla Alawad

    Too much 🙂

  43. BasketballToastBrot

    Belly hella trash I’m sorry 😐
    These lines cringe af would’ve loved rocky to have that part

  44. orange lyghts

    Song ass

  45. Guylene Gadal

    You can tell how much was invested in the video just by how cheap it looks. No creativity…

  46. Michael Campbell

    Why is there a remix video and no video for the original song:(?

  47. Valeria Nardulli

    Cardi is the only good thing about this

  48. Jordan Holiday

    Stop trying to act like Nicki

  49. klaas p

    That plain jane Part from juicy jay

  50. DazzlingAnima


  51. David Smith

    Better than despacito tbh

  52. Allie Boy

    G-eazy and logic sound like the whitest boys ever when they rap

  53. Laveah Morrison

    cardi fuck nike

  54. paul marcyes

    good god the skill is dead, this is what comes out of my dogs rear end. Pac and Big would quit the game

  55. Scottie Richard

    0:45 damn if this wasn’t a music video i would of thought it was drake.

  56. I Live Off Of Food Stamps

    I see ASAP Rocky’s name, I click the video.

  57. Andrew Stewart

    French Montanas verse wasn’t *that* bad…

  58. 200 subs with no videos?


  59. Grant Grier

    ATTENTION: if you are a female who is black/white I am urging you to stay indoors, there have been reports that it is not safe for you.

  60. Andrew Saillant

    i ain’t gay but asap rocky is one cute ass nigga

    1. Cali Mori

      Andrew Saillant Ha! Gayyyyyy,Just kidding i think he fine asf aswell😂💯

  61. MangoFieber 764

    This is amazing

  62. hood nigga400

    french killed it

  63. Edmund Red

    A$AP goes hard 🔥🔥

  64. champagnekingovo

    Why is belly on it???

  65. LitPlayz YT

    I just dropped a song titled “suicidal thoughts” it would be great if anyome can check it out and give me feedback! Thank you!

  66. Chrisio

    There is a girl twerking multiple times every 15 seconds….basically sums up modern day rap

  67. Quantum

    So every kid on YouTube will see this but YouTube still demonetizes The Hodge Twins

  68. Matty G-47 MuSiC

    Am i the only one that thinks G-Eazy should’ve done what he originally done in the first place?Just featured A$AP and Cardi B?

    1. Bitchsarecunts Jlololhhh


    2. Cali Mori

      Matty G-47 MuSiC You’re not alone ,This song is just trash now!

  69. Renz Melchor

    Offset is gonna be upset wit that

  70. Mr. NextGen

    ifucking love cardi

  71. Jesse T

    French Montana Fucks everything up! I hate this now! 😰

  72. Sharnaye Ward

    Damn rocky came out of hiding

  73. Will Patrick

    belly sucks

  74. pokemon bacon12

    Who listened to the audio first before the song

  75. Deuce Waves

    Juicy added some juice make it more yummy!! 🔥🔥

  76. Gavin Reddig

    I watched Cardi B tell her daughter she whould go to hell for saying shut up on a live stream last night 😂

  77. Beverly A

    Juicy J spitting.

  78. Jose C.

    He calls in five other rappers for help and the song still ends up being horse crap.

  79. Madison Gambrill

    Yo I almost chocked when I heard Juicy

  80. Abdihakim Hashi

    Since this comment will be lost in this hole of comments

    I eat ass on the downlow

  81. Absan Mohamed

    ” I break a bi’tch like chyna did rob ” Thattt verse was liiiit🔥🔥🔥🔥

  82. Gavin Reddig

    Sry what did you say?

  83. Nehemiah Brown

    First of all, where in the hell all these ppl came from ?

  84. Alyssa_xo

    *Me (when French Montana verse starts):* Who’s mans is this?! He gotta go.😶😶

  85. thouxan

    Joyner lucas by HIMSELF …1 million views in less than 12 hours …he coming for y’all I ain’t even a fan

  86. Sammie Fowler lll

    They’ve should’ve replaced French Montana with Master P


    Already been through the loop machine more times than my red eyes can count.

  88. nobody survives even one bit

    Middle finger on the thumb.

  89. Music Freak

    Who the FUCK is Belly? Oh my god dawg go find yourself dont copy others damnnn!

  90. Salmon Pompreh

    so this is hip hop

  91. MattyB

    mr Gerald gets the niggapass

  92. sarah

    Here just for my bae French Montana haaaaiiinnn

  93. thouxan

    All sellout now sorry guys

  94. Addison Davis

    1. Juicy J
    2.Cardi B
    4. Rocky
    Montana and Eazy equally garbage. Belly did pretty good. Cardi killed it and juicy j fucking murdered it

  95. Sammie Fowler lll


    You already know who the fuck this is🔥🔥🔥

  96. tyty john


  97. Andrea B


  98. Tiffany Belcher

    #1 on trendingggggg

  99. wink wonk

    Juicy J didn’t have to go so hard… but he did that. FOR US

  100. Jonathan Ybona

    Always, poppin’, hella, poppin’ She’s a, bopper,  Bay area old skool slang

  101. Abram Tapia

    Dan cadi thos bobis

  102. Jason Thomas

    I haven’t watched a rap video in almost a decade. So I peek at this and see the same thing. The same thing inner city kids watch. The same culture garbage that fuels inner city crime and disrespect for woman. Not even in the first minute got dude sitting on a mountain of cash and woman’s asses shaking in slow motion. Why do you think stirs so many ideas of being rich and so many teen girls getting pregnant and being kicked to the curb. Shit just like this. Try to say it isn’t? There is ghetto white poor teens uneducated neighborhoods just the same but they don’t have a explosion of pregnant teens or murder. What is the difference in the same neighborhoods with black teens?

  103. Wiz manka M.K

    Bitch fuck with me and get some money lol.

  104. Franciine

    G Eazy meu bb tá crescendo tão rápido 🖤

  105. Kyra Estrella

    Why are there two French Montana’s

  106. Tommy Brown

    Now tell me why yall took asap verse off for French , Belly and Juicy K ???

  107. NC Styles

    No Drizzy? 👎😞

  108. Vashneel Goundar

    Cardi b sooooo sxc

    Offset the lost fuck is a lucky motherfuka

    Love the bitchs in this video clip

  109. Ziona Marizette

    Unfortunately I just listened to French Montana ruin a decent song

  110. Rosie M

    “I break a bitch, like Chyna did Rob” daaammmnnn they went there

  111. Everyday Dre

    I don’t even fuck with Juicy J like that but he had a murder verse

  112. brian fidel

    4:31 for all the people who said this song sounds like slob on my knob 😂

  113. Hello!! :))))

    After seeing this ANYONE CAN RAP. GARBAGE

  114. sarah

    Nooo nooo French please not with this Bitch** not with cardi plss i hate her…
    Love u haiiiinnn

  115. Alex Nicholls

    NO NO

  116. Bison Days


  117. Calob Adams

    Couldn’t we just had the original trio?? I mean Juicy J was lit but French and Belly did nothing for the song 🤷🏽‍♂️

  118. Ay Dude

    6:00, the only people that made this song good.

  119. Rosie M

    Why does GEazy keep adding verses omg. I need this song without French

  120. Exavier Mantilla

    Logic sample @4:43

  121. kyriacow

    Montana verse was trash

  122. Harely Morenstein

    Cardi B is some wannabe Nicki.

  123. humblechildproductions

    belly verse lit af g 100

  124. allan M.

    I break a bitch like Chyna did to Rob🔥🔥😂😂

  125. BDemonGamer 173

    G my bro!!

  126. typheran1

    Nice thumbnail… def family safe.

  127. Itzel Montalvo

    I am getting out of this shitty place

  128. YOU TUBE


  129. Team SMSD

    This song isnt even good:

  130. coolest of all

    shit,better than motor sport

  131. Greg Ftbl


  132. Ay Dude

    The extra verses weren’t needed, the original was better.

  133. X

    A$AP Rocky ft. Multiple trashbags

  134. CNW Wrestling

    Who else likes there own comment to get it started.

  135. Orignal Beauty

    Listening while scrolling threw comments

  136. oliver attipoe

    Cardi popping pussy on the chart

  137. King Holy



  138. SkiJumpp

    I’d fuck the living shit out of Cardi B, she shouldn’t be rapping though it’s garbage (so is Nicki Minaj you mainstream bandwagons).

  139. Etan Clan

    French go home where the fuck did u come from 🤔

  140. JesusC

    Че за поебота и телки страшные, и жирные

  141. AntisocialPleb

    Juicy J….

  142. DeAnna Mckinney

    What is asap rockys purpose??

  143. abu mogere

    honestly french what the hell happened , ASAP still got it

  144. Tom Van

    French Montana ass 👎🏽😭

  145. Itzel Montalvo

    What has happened to music?

    1. Social degenerate nerd with stage 4 piccolo

      Itzel Montalvo Get a young attractive girl, get auto tune, get a ghost writer and boom. Just like that.

    2. Itzel Montalvo

      Shay Ikr I am out of this place

    3. Shay

      Hip hop is just letting anyone in these days smh

  146. hockenheim

    Is it just me or should Rocky have gotten his own verse?

  147. Itzel Montalvo

    This song is trash.

    1. Itzel Montalvo

      I am out of this shit


    “I need Camila in the group” wtf?

  149. kurort

    LOL ale dziewczyny tanczom………………

  150. FABULAX Gaming

    cardi ? i want Nicki 😕

  151. shafemiblue

    Only here for Cardi. That is all.

  152. Ибрагим Насралов

    Juicy J part remind a ferg song

  153. Melanin Television

    Asap Rocky is so damn fine omg😍😍😍😍

  154. Travis Nolito

    G is fuckin’ KING!!!

  155. Devonte Bynum

    Montana fucked up the song bruh

  156. unknown kornishon

    Im gonna have a nightmare from asses twerking ty g eazy😂😂😂

  157. Royalty J

    The remix is wayyyyyyyyyyy fire 🔥 🔥🔥🔥

  158. Ian Mitchell

    This is fuckin gross

  159. Pietro Beretta

    JUICY J 🔥

  160. Kipp Baker

    Here for A$AP and Juicy.

  161. EverydayThrowday

    ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey ey

  162. Aidn Azeez

    Card b killed it

  163. Abu Taher

    cardi b is garbage

  164. Loptimus


  165. Momo Jules

    Cardi took over nicki… Minaj go get a new life biach

  166. Young Koojay

    Juice j and cardi b killed it 👌🏾💯🔥🔥🔥

  167. BullySniper X

    This Juicy J is unpredictable

  168. LemonPlayz

    Fuck me with and get yo ass wettttt

  169. Li Murdez

    I hate Cardi B and I’m from New York, Trust me she isn’t the best New York Rapper

  170. Semper Fidelis

    RIP Grammar

  171. TheLazyFatMan

    They should have scrapped French Montana’s verse and given it to A$ap rocky.

  172. Sexy Red

    The White guy is a Cutie pie….

  173. redd

    french RUINED the flow

  174. Boosted Beast

    Cardi b literally hi jacked nicki minaj’s entire image and style. The younger hotter version.

  175. CHL.

    I hate like 55% and like 45%. Also how is Cardi B a bad bitch but cute at the same time.

  176. Dylan Spangenberg Fitness TV

    4th time put a baby inside her lol

  177. DjChilzzel

    Hey here Comes Master P with his copyrights

  178. Atrium

    This is Payday 2: Firestarter on a whole other level.

  179. Ms. Latrice

    Okaayy Rocky’s Plaits lookin thick!!!


    Not even gonna lie…. Cardi was Queen in this

  181. Loggo

    2:59 *He stole that from A$AP Ferg*

  182. anaturalblue Neeko


  183. Artem Filinov

    Well, I really like A$AP Rocky, but this video is an absolute generic trash.
    I mean bitches shaking their asses and money, really? And the girl who tries so hard to look like Nicki Minaj, which is super ridiculous in my opinion… With their level of fame they could start doing something real, not that generic crap, cmon guys.

  184. hh22-335 335

    Juicy killed this

  185. Star Musically Battles

    I’ll break a bitch like Chyna did Rob 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  186. gifty Ntiamoah

    That Rob verse tho😂😂😂😂😂😂


    F*** it up👅

  188. Brandon Jordan

    Cardi B looking like a real snack 🤑🤑🤑

  189. Kendall Johnson


  190. Amy Santiago

    His face when he said “suck-a-suck a dick or something”

  191. Babybopbop James

    gave me Yg my nigga vibes with all these dudes and a female. Which is dope. Now she has an epic remix under her belt.

  192. Eschaton Zenith

    Silly wigger 😆

  193. Mad Man Mercury

    You gotta be careful around everyone these days. I was walking down the street at 7:30 yesterday and a guy pulled out a SCISSORS. Luckily I was agile enough to reach into my pocket and pull out a rock. Coz if I had pulled out paper, man I would have lost.


    ASAP is out here literally on top of Mount Washington

  195. Joshua Sang

    Can y’all follow me on Instagram @joshua_sang_

  196. Mali IsAdørable

    Can’t even lie cardi verse was nice and she look dope with that silver hair doe.

  197. hakz akz

    Want to double bitcoin?

    Send them 👉👉👉👉👉 a34a2e00-cc68-447c-ba84-2dd8a97618bb

  198. Amy Santiago

    “ i break a bitch, like China did to Rob” 😂lowkey sub

  199. EE Schauer

    Cardi B Will Rule yh

  200. lo robin

    juicy j part!!!

  201. Shauna Pinnock

    Frenchie *BODIED* his verse! So too, did Juicy J; surprisingly! As on the original, Cardi’s verse was fire and G’s new verse was great, but I’mma come clean: that nigga Belly should’ve been left the fuck off, his verse was *ABSOLUTE TRASH* and unlike all the other verses, his just *DID NOT GEL WELL* with the song; such a fucking spoiler, man! Without Belly’s trash ass verse, this is an awesome remix; straight fire! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  202. Chad P

    Juicy killed it

  203. joker

    Every juice j verse sounds the same literally but it still somehow works lol

  204. Ify O

    G easy should just stay off the song, I know it’s his song and all but no Issa dub

  205. Chantal Jones

    Cardi is that bitch 😍😍

  206. Aj :/

    Number 1 on trending🍾🍾

  207. Firestorm LeBoss

    ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass

  208. Dev Tha Great

    French montana is the weakest nigga ever

  209. Kaleeb Blake

    Come on Fench smh

  210. Jamie Gray

    Juicy j was the hardest 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  211. Logan Moore

    Dumpster juice.


    Only came to see Cardi B,

  213. Sexy Red

    This song is bad to the bone… Cardi B is the modern day Foxy Brown but much better looking.


    I’m surprised most of you people can listen to a song that’s over three minutes. Good job!

  215. Hasazil Mitchell

    I don’t give a fuck about cardi but goddamn she looks fine in this cideo

  216. ASAP Killuminati

    “..I’ll break a bitch, like chyna did rob..” damn where’d that come from lmao

  217. Lime Flavored Bleach

    I showed this to my grass now it’s weed. But I showed French Montana’s verse to my iPhone X now it’s an iPhone 3GS.

  218. SPEAK UP


  219. spillin tea


  220. kayleea Gibson

    I think Everyone knows this video is trending rn because cardi is in it 😝

  221. GG sHawn

    plain jane vibes here

  222. carp fever

    G eazy could fuck my bitch anyday

  223. Gabriel Rodrigues


  224. master mind grind

    It ain’t safe

  225. CJ O

    why is french montana famous

  226. Matt Van Leeve

    I mean besides Juicy & Belly cus they can actually spit, song is trash

  227. Security Risk

    Wow Sick! Listen to this beat here

  228. Armann Dee

    Bomb ass collab!! 👌👌👌

  229. Adam Wise

    Dope 🔥 🔥 🔥

  230. MirFälltGradKeinNameEin :D

    Nicki vs Cardi..

    Who wins?

  231. Lil Croissant

    Here before 10 million

  232. {KING AIDEN}

    I f with this song so do I get money?

  233. Bosslady Hayes

    Cardi is that bitch she’s chasing them checks go boo 💜💜💋💋

  234. DJ !rene

    Cardi B is fuego lol

  235. Gumby Ughm no

    Still waiting for you and asap mob to do a project together

  236. april anderson

    G eazy and cardi b in one OMG QUEENS

  237. Cerveseroz _714

    Only Here For Bardi n Juice

  238. Monkey Boss 76

    Most paused video on YouTube

  239. SloansCool

    This shits responsible for global warming

  240. ShatekaZee

    g-eazy in this… um
    CARDI B JUS FU KS IT UP. AYY always b

  241. Shania Neveah


  242. smelly kid

    Plain Jain > No Limit

  243. Vadim Gruzdev

    Cardi B carries it!

  244. aus667

    how the fuck is this not demonetized

  245. Tony V

    this little g should be twerking like those hoes .. bus boi fuck off with your gangster talk you sound like a bitch and im not hating .. do some bieber love music or some shit

  246. TeamspeakServer


  247. Edward Ob

    French is wack.

  248. Kevin Hamilton

    I wanted a Rocky verse not him saying the hook

  249. Neale Hurston

    Cardi and G. The rest were trash. Eazy’s second verse was off character and low key gross. Juicy J is a demon, French is a side-kick ass nigga and that Belly boy is a forced purchased “rapper” ass, milk in coffee ass pretender. And a PSA!!!! Don’t fuck people for money. Get a job!!!!!

  250. SloansCool

    I don’t wanna like Cardi but she’s so sexy🤤🤤

  251. Hermione Granger

    *//Is anyone else actually disgusted by this and that it’s apparently acceptable?//*

  252. Joseph Freese

    Super generic man.

  253. Audrey Smith

    Still not over Cardi’s part😍🔥🔥

  254. Aidan McGrath

    A song about prostitution…

  255. Latosha Brinnon

    This song makes me want to pop my ass

  256. Black Mans Comedy

    FIRE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 throwing my lunch money in the air 💯💯💯 💵

  257. Klarissa Solis

    Here before 3 million ✌✌

  258. GANGST1ER

    Огонь! 🔥🔥🔥

  259. Joel Rod.

    ……When you skip to cardi’s verse and put it on repeat

  260. Babybopbop James

    This shit is the biggest banger imo. Shit hype asf. Cardi definitely makes music that makes a bitch wanna take twerk lessons. Which is cool, her and Nicki have completely different sounds. Nicki makes bangers too but she more of a female Jay Z. But Cardi is like this Generations Trina, . Ass shaking music.

  261. Cynder 330

    Cardi 1000% just texted all her friends in her phone to twerk in this video

  262. JoeTechincal

    Juicy J killed it. Everyone else sucked.

  263. Katya Turnbull

    Cardi killing it

  264. Ryan Adams

    This song is far too bad for how many good rappers are in it

  265. george gratsonis

    Is it me or juicy j’s flow is exactly the same as plain Jane’s?

  266. panda panda

    I’m here for asap and cardi 😍

  267. Bea Yourself

    Trap queen 👑😘

  268. Daisy Leach

    i love A$AP Rocky too much

  269. Iam'Sizoe Sithole

    It could’ve been Juicy J who came up with the idea of having all these naked women

  270. LightsCamera Ashley

    Every body was gettin in on this song

  271. austin rappel

    I swear Memphis rap is everywhere now

  272. Tennis God

    Slob on my knob, Like Corn on the Cob, I break a girl like Chyna did Rob 🔥🔥🔥 Juicy J and Cardi B was litt 🔥

  273. Jordan A G


  274. darcy quinn


  275. Bubbles

    Take that disabled fucking bitch out of this why does she have to be everywhere just makes all the good songs bad

  276. genevieve zaleen

    this is more heat than global warming

  277. Yogi Bear

    First person to reply to this comment is gao

  278. AmPmPranks

    This is real music

  279. Akuma Kingu sureiyā

    why the hell is this soft porn crap on the top charts music uswd to be so good now its all about sex

  280. Courtney Peacock


  281. helen batti

    Like China did with Rob …Wow

  282. WhatItsMalachi


  283. Yeah Baby Yeah

    juicy j funny asl LMFAOOOO


    Who is here before 4M comment down

  285. Faith 26

    I like the 1st version better but this is still pretty lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  286. Alex Martinez

    Cardi is my wifey

  287. Matt M

    Iy yi yi what shit this is. Everyone is straight disgusting. Need to take bath in some acid for dirty they are.

  288. p20unk 7

    Like chyna did rob —— RUTHLESS.

  289. Daquan Brown

    Love to see all race together black, Spanish and white

  290. Social degenerate nerd with stage 4 piccolo

    So many in one song. How unnecessary.

  291. HAZZARD

    Black women are classless thots. Don’t ever get with one.

  292. Roberto Garcia

    Why is French Montana on every song remix ??

  293. Arturo Resendiz

    Only here for Rocky and Juicy J SIMPLE

  294. Red Bear

    Funny how this booty bouncing gangster garbage is allowed to trend and monetize on youtube, but underground channels will get flagged for saying anything that offends SJW PC culture.

  295. ZoneOfXO


  296. Ursa Major

    The beat has no flow, its all one beat 😂

    1. Social degenerate nerd with stage 4 piccolo

      Ursa Major Yep, this is modern rap unfortunately. Rappers of the pre 2000s blow away this trash.

  297. Tetty Cooper

    I love you Cardi B

  298. Luis

    dis is hard as shit

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  305. Daniel

    Buying all these views!? Yeah fuck anyone who believes in this batch of cock smoking cunt phonies.

  306. Tetty Cooper

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  307. HAZZARD

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  308. genevieve zaleen

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  310. Beautiful DeDe

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    1. Social degenerate nerd with stage 4 piccolo

      Beautiful DeDe Modern rap music videos in a nutshell.

  311. genevieve zaleen


  312. Whats up YouTube

    For all the people who came to compare Nicki and Cardi to each other…What’s wrong with you?Why can’t you like both of them?If you prefer Nicki to Cardi or Cardi to Nicki that’s fine but please just shut up and enjoy the music🙄

  313. A BLL

    this song makes me want to become a stripper

  314. C V

    Elle Mcbroom bought me here!

  315. Elizabeth Macias

    Pussy poppin to this remix🤑 video is crazy good!

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    Pathetic can’t even make a video without females twerking. Twerking is for girls. Real dance is belly dancing and grinding all these new dances is just fa lil kids and thots

  317. r_f16 ،

    song =0%
    porn 100%
    so bad

  318. Lynnsie Skinner

    This was fire 🔥

  319. Josh Kindu

    reminds me of plain jane from asap ferg, did y’all also notice?

  320. alex flores

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  321. Angel Rodolfo pech diaz

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    prefer when young Gerald would make jams not about money and bangin chicks with fruity rappers!

  323. eVade Fire

    Came here for Cardi😍

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    Did anyone else see him put up 4 fingers when he said 3 times

  325. Homogeneous Khalidius

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  326. CalCats262

    Take some medicine cause this is sick!!! That’s my best attempt at sounding dope!!!

  327. Cent Al

    Note to listeners :Skip French verse.

  328. SmokedFalafels

    Worst G-Eazy single yet. Despite ASAP Rocky.

  329. flashman781

    What a waste I only liked juicy part other than that they could have just stuck with the original

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    Cardi B
    Nicki Minaj

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  335. Branding Ambassador

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  336. CelebrityLyrics

    Jesus Christ all the best rappers!

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    Hip hop is dead… listen to this bullshit… awful lyrics and mumbling basically.

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  352. CrazyFrog

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    cardi bby! 😍🔥🙌🏽

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    3:36 proof that this is copying asap fern plane Jane.

    Juicy j and Belly went fucking off

  358. Alonzo Miller

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    1. Mr. Beach

      maybe in the future I might kill her

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    Get G Eazy the FUCK out of there! (DNA’s VOICE!)

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  372. Montey Oliver

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    this is what passes as RAP these days?

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  384. Reema A

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    When this is on, only line Rob gonna be singing while tryna hide is “it aint safe, it aint safe” Lmaaao

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  386. dothedoword

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    Belly is so ass

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  392. Kevin

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  393. Shanyce Greene

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  394. black back

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  398. DEAD SOUL


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    Its sad that The point of this video is to show us hoes twerking and touching each other’s asses.. so sad tbh

  403. water mane

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  408. Anthony Pestana

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  410. Jonathan Young

    who else came just for Cardi B?

    1. LiteApex

      Jonathan Young just you

  411. Chris Bond

    Cardi honestly killed this song. Juicy J came second. The rest just made the song longer than it should be. Facts.

    1. Etan Clan

      It’s G Eazy’s song genius the rest are features

    2. LiteApex

      Chris Bond are you fucking high?

  412. Alexdobbie z

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  413. hachi kun

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  414. The Greedy Gamer

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  415. Ray † Ray


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  420. Lanisha Williams

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  422. Ari Oshun

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  428. heather ennis


  429. Khalid Alnajjar

    WTF is this trash? You call this “music” ? Holyfuck


      Khalid Alnajjar kys


    Juicy j the goat on my life🙏

  431. For3ver2k

    Who ever idea it was to put French on this song should not be able to make music again…

  432. Phenomenal 1

    I wouldve liked this song if it didnt have cardi or asap

  433. Eljot Pera

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  434. Vivien Kuberko

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  435. Asia Stuart

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  436. Joe Abbott

    The main word of this vid is probably “fuck”

  437. Sniper Gang

    The only reason I’m here is cuz of Cardi. Like if u the same.

  438. Diones Silva

    participem do grupo hip hop internacional Brasil

  439. James Marshall

    nothing but a video with ass all over the place stick it in my face your a disgrace too the white race slap you in the face take a piss in your face


      I hope this isnt real lmao

  440. AlyssaBrionne

    So lit! Juicy J intro had me so hype!

  441. San xanaa

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  443. Khesrau Razi

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  445. sonfan

    this song is so lame >_>

  446. Milada Mulan

    Is it just me or her “ah ah ah” sounds different here than the audio ?

  447. The Real Blossomm

    Yasss Cardi!!!!! Where The Cardi b Squad At?!!!!!

  448. Young Damian

    free that boy tay-k

  449. Devonna Phillips

    Tbh I liked the original better

  450. Moe osama

    Dakari is fuckin BOSS

  451. niamh pegg

    Absolutely love this song but how is this monetised 😂😂❤️


    juicy j & belly did damage – grownwiseprince

  453. Joe Abbott

    The only gud part of this video is dem asses

  454. Erika Zamora

    Loved every verse

  455. Nesha Lavette

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  456. Saurabh Sharma

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  457. Love Hate

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  458. Hana Montana

    ROCKYYY 🔥🔥🔥

  459. Flipgirl Nintendofan

    Holy shit Kamaiyah

  460. Cringy wannabe Maluma cantstoplookingatthemirror


  461. Jamiu Abubakar

    Belly killed this shit 🔥🔥🔥

  462. Jaxeny Olivas

    Videos p@r@ niñ@s.

  463. TightMoneyGripp813

    “use to open doors with a half a key” visually and lyrically nice with it ✏💯

  464. Trisha Sookraj

    Last comment wins

  465. PGVbros

    Did offset gave you permission with all these cocks around u

  466. dj khaled

    Cardi 😍😍

  467. Wormvid Gaming

    Thank you, good piece of work, like dropped► More music there ◄ 😉

  468. Marlo _

    Juicy got that Plain Jane vibe

  469. Safiyaaa Xx

    (CARDI B)
    Fuck him then I get some money
    Fuck him then I get some money

    I need tongue
    I need face
    Give me brain, concentrate
    I go foam, product case
    Kill a weave, rock a lace
    Fuck the Moe
    Buy the ACE
    Fuck the Ghost
    Take the Wraith
    Get some money, fuck the rollie
    Fuck the rollie, patty cakes
    My career takin’ off
    These hoes jogging in place
    Swear these hoes run they mouth
    How these hoes out of shape?
    Can you stop with all the subs?
    Bitch I ain’t Jared
    If you really want some smoke
    You can pull up, you can get it
    Grab a hand full of braids, make a nigga eat me out
    Put a white boy on Sazón
    I might turn G-Eazy out
    Keep it G from the club ‘til the end, from the spot
    You know me, Cardi B
    Pussy poppin’ on the charts

  470. Aaron Whats it to ya

    cardi b too bad o.0

  471. yungkidnf

    Didn’t kno this was G song. . .

  472. Ya Boi Vishnu

    This country is dying.

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